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Here are Uncharted 4 microtransaction prices: “gain instant access to multiplayer items”

Now Uncharted 4 is out, we finally get a look at how the multiplayer in-game microtransactions work out. Here’s the price list: 

500 points - $4.99/£3.99

1500 points - $9.99/£7.99

3200 points - $19.99/£15.99

6500 points - $34.99/$28.99

10000 points - $49.99/£39.99

Naughty Dog has said in the past that “no gameplay items that will be gated through microtransactions”. So the guns and add ons you can buy via these microtransactons are also available through grinding - hence the “instant access” part of the description. Points are basically shorts cuts. 

There’s also a Triple Pack which gets you access to all three pieces of DLC - one piece of story based stuff, and two lots of multiplayer content and that’s $24.99/£19.99. 

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