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XIII Remake release delayed on Switch to 2021

The XIII Remake release on Switch has been delayed to 2021, publisher Microids confirmed.

The release of XIII Remake on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is still due to launch on November 10, but the game's arrival on Switch won't be until 2021. The news came in an update Microids posted on its official website. No set release date window in 2021 was given in the post, but Microids says to "stay tuned for a future announcement regarding the Switch release."

The post also unveiled a shiny new trailer that gives you a look at the weapons and gadgets you'll be using in the upcoming remake of the first-person cell-shaded shooter that originally released on PS2, Xbox, PC, and GameCube back in 2003.

"XIII will have access to a lethal arsenal suiting all situations and play styles. Use brute force thanks to heavy weaponry: 44 Magnum, M16, Bazooka… Remain stealthy by (over)using light weapons such as a 9mm silenced, a throwing knife, a crossbow or even a harpoon gun," the post reads. "XIII will also rely on a wide variety of gadgets such as a grappling hook, a spying microphone or even a lock pick. Very handy to get through all kinds of situations." 

Based on a graphic novel, in XIII you play as a protagonist of the same name. As a person with no identity, you wake up with amnesia on a deserted beach, and the only clue to who you are is a tattoo number on your collarbone and a locker key. As you set off to uncover your past, a conspiracy begins to unfold. Developed by PlayMagic, the remake includes a solo campaign and multiplayer fights.  

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