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Get WWE 2K15's Season Pass free with the game

WWE 2K15's DLC plans are a bit ambitious, considering the latest in 2K's longrunning wrestling series was already lightweight from the new-gen transition. But now you can get all the extra wrestlers and Showcases for free with a purchase of the game from certain retailers.

It's definitely not ideal, but it is sweet vindication for budget-conscious wrestling fans who were waiting the $24.99 pass out. The offer is available until Saturday at Amazon (PS4, Xbox One) and Best Buy (PS4, Xbox One) and until Sunday at GameStop (PS4, Xbox One).

If you already bought the game, well... sorry. Let's be real, though, if you're still playing WWE 2K15 you probably own the pass anyway. Just look at all this stuff.

The Showcase Season Pass's "Accelerator" automatically unlocks all content available in the base game, and it also offers three story-centric Showcases: One More Match, which retells the 2011 rivalry between Randy Orton and Christian; Hall of Pain, which follows the top matches of Mark Henry; and the upcoming Path of the Warrior, following the career of the Ultimate Warrior.

Each Showcase Pack also adds in a bunch of new wrestlers including Sheamus, Kane, and, yes, the Undertaker.

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