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Wonder Woman 1984 trailer sees Diana ride lightning and features a surprising amount of Steve Trevor

Nuewnenuewnuewnuewnue-ne-nuewnnuew... Yes, that's the sound of Hanz Zimmer's guitar, signalling Wonder Woman's epic entrance. But wait... That's no guitar... That's a synth line... A very, very famous synth line. Wait, what? Why's New Order's "Blue Monday" playing? 

Wonder Woman 1984 takes the Amazonian Princess crashing out of the 1920s and straight into the '80s. The new trailer, which debuted over the weekend, features more references to the era than you can shake your bum bag at. 

More importantly, we see the eponymous superhero literally ride lightning with a her lasso. Plus, Chris Pine's Steve Trevor's back. Despite having died in the first Wonder Woman, the former soldier is roaming around with Diana and mistaking bins for pieces of art. Watch the full Wonder Woman 1984 trailer above.

The trailer also features new looks at Kristen Wiig's Barbara Ann Minerva, AKA Cheetah, who is one of Wonder Woman's enemies in the comics. We also see Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord, a business magnate with a knack for TV commercials. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is due to reach cinemas 5 June, 2020.

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