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Where to buy RTX 3060: your best chances for finding stock now

Nvidia RTX 3060
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Finding RTX 3060 stock is, arguably, the most difficult out of the lot due to its low cost point and high price-to-performance ratio. Because of this, it's become one of the most sought after cards since release. 

That's an impressive metric to measure for sure, so it's no surprise that many would-be PC builders have sought after it since launch and continue to pine for it in their collections the world over.  

Sadly, finding RTX 3060 stock is a little more complicated than it would otherwise be, were there not a global pandemic seriously comprising production on electronics; including the RTX 30-series graphics cards.

With this thought in mind, we'll tell it to you straight, you're highly unlikely to find RTX 3060 stock at its asking price from even the largest retailers. As a result, don't expect massive savings or bundle deals here, just having the cards for an acceptable price is deal enough in this context, we're saddened to report.

RTX 3060 price

We've thrown around words like 'budget' for a good reason; the RTX 3060 has an MSRP of $329 and an RRP of £300, meaning that its price-to-performance ratio is simply exemplary - in the unlikely event that you can find one for its retail price. 

That's right, as we've seen with the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 Ti after it, the RTX 3060 continues to be elusive from market, ensuring that when it's available, it's carrying an inflated cost, too.


(Image credit: Nvidia)

Where to buy RTX 3060 - US

Where to buy RTX 3060 - UK

Hope isn't lost completely for the rest of the RTX 30-series range; stock has been appearing sporadically throughout both the US and UK, but it could cost more than anticipated for the cards on their own. 

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