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These are the 7 PS5 accessories to get for your new console

Best PS5 accessories
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These PS5 accessories are the perfect acquisitions if you've just got unwrapped a PS5 for Christmas from a loved one - or from yourself. A console setup never really ends at what comes inside the box, so there are always ways to improve it - from storage to subscriptions, to headsets, and more.

And despite the general trouble with getting hold of PS5 stock, the recent month or so has been pretty good, so we'd put a decent amount of money on there being a bunch of folks with new consoles looking for the perfect accompanying PS5 accessories this Christmas time. 

That's where we can help. Below we've picked out some of the hottest and most attractive PS5 accessories that you'll want to consider picking up from day one. These will instantly enhance your setup and help you get the absolute most out of your shiny new PS5. 

And while it might be tempting to blow some money on a bunch of games - and we get that - we'd recommend giving some serious thought to these accessories, as while getting in some games is cool and great, these are some of the best PS5 accessories and they will help you enjoy all your games to come.

These are our top PS5 accessory recommendations for those new - or not so new, for that matter - to the PS5  and they will stretch the 'usage' spectrum, as well as the price spectrum. If you're still looking for something as a gift for someone else then definitely check out our best gifts for gamers guide as that will cover a whole lot more bases, and if you're looking for something instant as a gift, or for yourself, then definitely check out the latest PS5 gift cards you can buy too.

PS5 accessories in the Christmas sales:

US: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | Walmart | B&H Photo | Newegg | Target 

UK: Amazon | Currys | Very | John Lewis | ebuyer | Argos | AO

PS5 DualSense wireless controller 

best pc controller: Dualsense Controller

(Image credit: Sony)

MSRP: from $69.99 / £59.99

If your console didn't come with a spare controller in a bundle, then getting an extra one is a no-brainer. It means you don't have to worry about being attached to your console at points when the battery runs out, and you can operate a seamless 'one to play, one to charge' rota at all times. Plus, now that there are a few more colours out, you can add a bit more colour and individuality to your setup. We are particularly taken with the Cosmic Red one, for example.

The very latest colours announced, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue, are only available for pre-order as they arrive in January.

DualSense Charging Station

Charging Station

(Image credit: Sony)

MSRP: $29.99 / £24.99 

And to make life even easier, and your setup even tidier now that you're adding a second controller to your system, the DualSense charging station is a great PS5 accessory. It means all the ports on your machine can be reserved for other use (see more on what can be used with those below) and it's a quality unit to just drop your DualSense controllers onto between sessions. Your batteries will always be charged this accessory really completes the setup.

Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset

Pulse 3D headset

(Image credit: Sony)

MSRP: $99 / £89.99

The PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset is the official companion headset for the console and is a brilliant bit of kit. It's also the best PS5 wireless headset going at its price point. This is a plug-and-play setup with the dongle going into one of the regular USB ports and with a 12-hour battery life, comfortable fit, and easy-to-use controls, you'll be off and away with ease.

While you can get one of the other contenders for the best PS5 headset for a bit less than this - like the Razer Kaira X for PlayStation, for example - there aren't many that can beat the official headset for bang-for-buck value. For its price, it really is the best way into the PS5's sweet, sweet 3D audio. Remember you can get the headset in white and black now too.

An internal PS5 SSD

PS5 SSD installation

(Image credit: Sony)

MSRP: varies, but start from around $180 / £170 

As soon as you get the PS5 up and running you may find that you're running low on storage quite quickly - after all, there's only about 650GB of usable space on the built-in SSD once updates and system files are accounted for. And if you have a big PS4 game library and looking to add new PS5 titles to your collection, then you are in for some tough decisions.

However, one of the best PS5 SSDs will come riding to your rescue immediately. These terrific bits of kit can match the PS5's own SSD for speed and performance and having the bay totally open means you can choose which model to go for. (Though remember, you'll need to go for a Gen 4.0 SSD that's under 25mm.)

As the PS5 game library grows, internal storage is going to take a hit so if you can get it in your system now, you'll be laughing. Below are some of our favorite PS5 SSDs and you'll likely (hopefully) find some festive deals on them too.

Or a PS5 external hard drive

WD Black P50

(Image credit: WD)

MSRP: Varies, start from around $60 / £55 

However, if you're not ready to crack open the internal SSD bay of your PS5 until the console's game library has really gone big, then a PS5 external hard drive is going to be for you. These simple plug-and-go storage solutions are cost-effective, portable, and increasingly great value. And with SSDs now benefiting increasingly from that latter point, you can get something incredibly speedy and high-performing as an external drive now.

However, the humble HDD still has its place, and can still not be beaten from a 'terabyte to $/£' perspective. And because you can still only play PS4 games from an external drive, there's still very much a place for the HDD - especially if you're not too bothered chasing the MB/s read and write speeds. 

Both are featured in the below list which represents a selection of our favorite external hard drives, which are all worth considering if you need some extra storage pronto.

A PS Plus subscription

PS Plus

(Image credit: Sony)

MSRP: $9.99 / £6.99 (1 month); $24.99 / £19.99 (3 months); $59.99 / £49.99 (12 months)

OK, not so much a physical PS5 accessory but a digital benefit, a PS Plus subscription is absolutely perfect to get with the PS5 if you haven't got one already.

Naturally, it's a great addition because you can get it immediately and it'll be activated right away, and it'll get you online so you can play with friends and dive into the latest and greatest multiplayer games. However, its biggest benefit is that it grants access to the PS Plus Collection of games. 

This is a bank of 20 excellent games that are immediately yours to play for free on PS5 with an active PS Plus subscription. Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Days Gone, until Dawn, Mortal Kombat X, and a whole host more are included; it's an absolutely cracking list of games to get right into, right away. And, of course, this isn't even mentioning the free games you get every month with the service too.

A PS5 monitor

BenQ EW3270U

(Image credit: BenQ)

If you're looking to really hone in on something that will give you the most enhanced, optmised visual experience then one of the best PS5 monitors could be the best accessory to get soon after your new console.

This will appeal most to those who have a dedicated console gaming setup, or one that is part of a PC setup too where TV doesn't come into play, as it allows the inclusion of a really gaming-focused screen. And the best thing is that monitor makers are really starting to acknowledge this as a great attraction for those with new-gen consoles. You might see prices climb if you want a true 4K resolution panel that can also offer the PS5's maximum 120Hz, but you can sure it give it a good old college try with a monitor for PS5. Below are a handful of our top choices.

And if you want to go really big for your PS5 setup, then browse the candidates for best TV for PS5 and those vying to be the best 120Hz 4K TVs too. 

Later in the month, there are also Boxing day sales for gamers to look out for, too. 

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