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The Rite trailer online

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins’ new exorcism movie The Rite has released its first trailer online after having debuted it at last week’s Scream Awards.

The Rite (no, that’s not text speak for something being correct) follows American priest Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue), who travels to Italy in order to become a student at an exorcism school.

While there, he comes across Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), who “introduces him to the darker side of his faith”. That darker side seems to include a load of nuns being creeped out by exorcism footage, and a young woman possessed by… something.

Check out the trailer below…

Having royally hammed it up in this year’s disappointing Wolfman , Hopkins is clearly having a great time sinking his teeth into issues of faith and morality. He also gets a few decent lines to roll around his tongue.

But will this be just another crummy exorcist movie to add to a long list of crummy exorcist movies?

Director Mikael Håfström has certainly got the mood right (it’s all about those moody overhead shots), and after the recent success of The Last Exorcism , he may just get lucky at the multiplexes.

The Rite opens across the UK on 4 February, 2011.