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Prime Day PS5 deals: everything you need to know about Amazon's super sale

Prime Day PS5
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There's not long to wait now for the Prime Day PS5 deals. Amazon's bonkers 48-hour sale is set to kick off on June 21. you should expect the PlayStation 5 to be a huge part of it too as nothing drives hordes of traffic to a retail site like the scent of PS5 stock

Of all the big online retailers, Amazon has by far, had the least amount of PS5s for sale this year, so we're confident it's been stockpiling them for a special occasion as it certainly has the chops to get a large supply in from Sony. And announcing a massive Prime Day PS5 sale would be a huge draw on the day itself.

If you're thinking October's Prime Day was a little disappointing on the gaming front (because it was), then we're here to raise your expectations a little for the June reboot. Black Friday won't be looming over this one, promising better deals a month later, and we think the PS5 Prime Day deals will be a big highlight. For items outside of gaming, be sure to take a look at the wider roundup of Prime Day deals from our friends at TechRadar. Likewise, if you're after the latest Prime Day deals on Apple products, Creative Bloq has your back.

Even if the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles don't turn up though, we'll still be looking for PS5 Prime Day deals on games, gaming TVs, controllers, headsets, external hard drives and SSDs, and more. Actually, the Prime Day TV deals could be the headline act of the sale. You might not have to wait for an opportunity to save some cash though as our price comparison tables below are always scanning a range of the best retailers to find you the cheapest prices. Let's take a look at the following categories. First up though, if you want to try your luck finding a PS5 before Prime Day...

Try these PS5 stores before Prime Day

It's certainly worth checking for a PS5 resupply before Prime Day at as many stores as you can. Amazon has briefly had smatterings of stock in June, but very much in a blink and you'll miss it kind of way.

PS5 - check at Amazon
This is the most popular version of the PS5 as it comes with a disc drive, allowing you to play disc-based games and enjoy the world of 4K blu-rays too.
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PS5 Digital Edition - check at Amazon
The cheaper version, but at the cost of not being able to play disc-based games or other media. You'll have to buy games direct from the online PSN store. We often find prices tend to be much higher here so that saving is soon consumed. If you're happy with a digital-only future though, this is the one for you. Both consoles come with 825GB of storage.
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PS5 DualSense controller

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Prime Day PS5 controller deals

Getting an extra PS5 controller on Prime Day is top of our to-do lists. With any luck, the recently announced Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variants will get involved. Although given they're only being released June 18, it's unlikely. The original white model on the other hand might get a deal, or perhaps a game bundle. 

So far there are no third-party controllers to choose from that will play your PS5 games. Most third-party PS4 controllers are compatible with PS5 for PS4 games, but if you're looking for a next-gen spare then the official DualSense controller is your only option.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7P

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Prime Day PS5 headset deals

Unlike the controllers, there are lots of options in the audio department, as shown by our roundup of the best PS5 headsets. Sony's official PS5 Pulse 3D headset is by far the most coveted option, thanks to the affordable price and PS5-friendly aesthetic, not to mention killer 3D audio. We've put together some of our other PS5 headset recommendations along with today's best prices below. We've tested all of these models and can highly recommend them. Check out our guide above if you'd like to learn more.

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Black Friday external hard drive

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Prime Day PS5 external hard drives

A recent update to the PS5 now means you can transfer those massive PS5 install files over to external hard drives to free up space on that tiny internal SSD. You can't play PS5 games from external devices, only PS4 games, so we'd recommend picking one up for your legacy titles for sure. Here are some of our favorites from our best PS5 external hard drive guide.

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SSD deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

Prime Day PS5 SSD deals

As things stand today, the only PS5 SSD options out there are external ones. Sony is planning a system update in the summer that will allow you to add an internal PS5 SSD to the currently vacant expansion bay. For now, let's keep things external. These will let you store PS5 games, but not run them. Your PS4 games will get similarly fast load times as if you'd installed them to the PS5 itself and you still get any Game Boost features like improved resolution and frame rates as seen on the likes of the recently-patched The Last of Us Part II.

Moving any games between one of these SSDs and the internal storage is so much quicker than regular external HDDs like the ones we mentioned above. Of course, this means SSDs are more expensive, but Prime Day SSD deals are a thing every year.

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Prime Day PS5 game deals

Sony's first party games on PS5 started out with massive prices at launch, but Prime Day is a great opportunity to find a discount on these top PS5 games like Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and more. Third-party PS5 titles are much more likely to get a decent deal, so look out for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk (PS5 upgrade coming soon) and more.

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PS5 dualsense charging station

Prime Day PS5 accessories

There will be ample opportunity to treat yourself with some discounted prices on the best PS5 accessories on Prime Day outside the aforementioned items too. Charging docks for the PS5 controller are a solid bet for sure.

The official one from Sony has been hard to find since the console was released, but there are a lot of third-party options out there, especially on Amazon. We can't claim to have tested them all by any means, so we'd dive into those user-reviews and star ratings on the third-party ones if you're not sure, with the bad ratings in particular usually being a good place to find out if the build quality is a bit shoddy. 

Charging docks can be a bit overkill though. Why have a chunky piece of plastic taking up space near your console when sometimes just a long charging cable will do instead. There are lots of options out there that will let you charge and play at the same time. Honestly, until Sony announced those new DualSense colors, a lot of us here at GamesRadar were content using a long cable instead of having a spare DualSense charged and good to go. We've got to have the new Cosmic Red pad though.

Other accessories like the media remote and official camera feel very much optional to the PS5 experience. With most TVs covering you for streaming and disc-based media being on the way out, a dedicated remote feels like overkill (just use the DualSense). The camera hasn't really taken off yet either. But the Prime Day PS5 deals might get you a cheeky discount.

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