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Pokemon Sword and Shield camping: Tips and tricks for getting the most out of camping

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You may well notice a tent or two as you explore the new Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and although you might think it's all for show, it's actually a big new feature of the games. Yes, that's right, Pokemon Sword and Shield camping is a thing now, and if you want to build a Pokemon team that's totally in sync with you, then you're going to need to embrace it. Not only do you get an adorable little tent to visit and invite your friends too, but it's the place you can build a bond with your Pokemon and make yourself (and them) some curry. There's a Pokemon Sword and Shield currydex to fill up and everything. But before you start pitching your tent, here are some Pokemon Sword and Shield camping tips that you should know. 

What's the point of Pokemon Sword and Shield camping?

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There are a couple of main reasons to pop up a tent and start camping in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first is to make curry that'll feed you and your Pokemon. Not only will the recipes you unlock by combining key ingredients and berries, but with every curry you make you'll revive fainted Pokemon, restore their HP and make them friendlier towards you. Money is quite scarce in Sword and Shield - especially if you want to really partake in all the glorious character customisation - so camping is a cheap way to get your party back in action without having to fork out for revives and potions. 

You can also use toys to forge stronger relationships with your Pokemon, and the more you play with them the higher the XP boost they'll get when you leave the camp - and I'm talking thousands for a few minutes of focused interaction. It's a great way to boost your Pokemon's level without having to battle grind. 

How to make a good curry

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With that in mind, you'll now want to know how to make a good curry right? After all, no-one wants to eat a sub-par, burnt dinner. Not even your Pokemon. So a few little tips for making a really tasty curry:

How to unlock new toys

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Are your Pokemon bored of that feather on a stick and same old ball? Well, you can actually unlock a range of new toys that will have other effects on your Pokemon. You'll need to speak to the Camping King in East Lake Axewell, just on the left of the main steps down from Motostoke into the Wild Area. For every five curry recipes you unlock, he'll give you a new toy for your Pokemon. For example, after discovering 15 curry recipes, he'll give you a Soothe Ball, which is very similar to the held item Soothe Bell in that it'll calm your Pokemon, getting them ready for the next battle. 

How to change your tent colour

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If you want to really show off to your fellow trainers, you could also change the colour of your tent. To do so, just pay a visit to the Camping King in East Lake Axewell, who'll change your tent's colour scheme to match the Type of the first Pokemon in your party. 

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