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Planetside 2 Alpha Squad program announced, offers instant beta access

Sony Online Entertainment is announcing today that they are introducing what essentially amounts to a Founder's Pack for their upcoming MMO, PlanetSide 2.

Dubbed the "Alpha Squadron" package, it will most notably include instant beta access. It will also feature a six-month 10% experience boost, three weapon unlocks for each faction, an exclusive decal and camo pattern, as well as $40 in currency for use when the game launches (or in another SOE game.)

The latter part is particularly notable because the package only costs $40. Meaning you'll instantly be getting your money's worth as you're essentially just pre-ordering some in-game currency with the benefit of a bunch of other bonuses.

The Alpha Squad pack can be purchased from the official site here. Still need some convincing? Check out all of our coverage here.