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Get live, local TV on Xbox One with new over-the-air support

If you don't have cable, or maybe just prefer to pull in some local channels the old-fashioned way, an upcoming Xbox One update will finally get your system working over-the-air. Microsoft announced that Xbox One preview program members in the U.S. and Canada can now hook their systems up to select USB tuner and HDTV antenna combos, with system-specific hardware set to hit stores soon.

Preview users can grab a Hauppauge WinTV-955Q USB tuner for $79.99 and compatible HD antenna to get their local broadcasts working right now, though Microsoft and Hauppauge will release an official TV Tuner for Xbox One "in the next few months" for $59.99.

The quality and selection of over-the-air broadcasts will vary quite a bit depending on location (not much your friendly little console / entertainment destination can do about that, unfortunately) so Microsoft is advising users to consult with Mohu's coverage mapper before investing in a tuner and antenna.

Assuming you can pull down enough stations to make it worth the effort, you'll find them enhanced with all the same stuff you'd get from plugging a cable box or satellite receiver into your Xbox One: OneGuide listings, pausing live TV, Kinect voice commands, and even streaming to your SmartGlass device, among others.

Local TV was one big blind spot for Xbox One's all-in-one entertainment system designs, so I'm glad to see it finally addressed in North America - particularly as more folks drop cable and the like in favor of streaming services. Netflix paired with a dozen or so local stations can be a surprisingly effective combo.

Connor Sheridan
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