No Man's Sky chromatic metal location: where to find the new technology resource

If you've been exploring the new and improved No Man's Sky then you'll probably notice a few changes post NEXT update. And you'll most likely be thinking where's all this chromatic metal, No Man's Sky keeps asking for?

In No Man's Sky chromatic metal is needed for a lot of basic equipment, and base building. However, it's not something you can just pick up. Instead you'll need to refine it from one of four metals. Let's talk you through the process of how to get chromatic metal in No Man's Sky. 

Where to find No Man's Sky chromatic metal?

Before you can even begin getting chromatic metal in No Man's Sky you need one of four metals: copper, cadmium, emeril and indium. It all depends on where you are as to what you can find and how much, but if you do a planetary scan by pressing the left stick while looking at a planet it tell you what's there. The resources you need also produce more chromatic metal the rarer they are in the order listed. 

One you have the starting metals you'll need a refiner which you can build yourself as long you have one piece of metal plating and 30 oxygen. If you don't have any metal plating then you just need 50 ferrite dust to make one by craft product in your inventory. Ferrite is on every planet, and the dust is its most basic form. 

With the refiner crafted and placed somewhere you just have to put all the things you need in it - which is as much copper, cadmium, emeril and indium as you can stuff in the slot, and some carbon to fuel the actual refining. 

With everything in place, just hit Square to begin. Depending on what you're using it'll take any thing from a few seconds to minutes to churn out that precious chromatic metal which you can then use to create all sorts of important tech. Pro tip: don't forget to pick up the refiner once you're done. 

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