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9 amazing No Man’s Sky bases including Daleks, Goomba’s and Homer Simpson’s half finished head

If you've ever dreamed of living inside of Homer Simpson's head whilst you explore space, this guide to the best No Man's Sky bases is for you. From Daleks to Goombas and everything in between, we're going to run through some of the best community created living spaces available in No Man's Sky (opens in new tab) to the brave galaxy explorers who are still trying to chart the stars. Perhaps it'll inspire you to make your own, and then maybe you'll end up amongst the rest of the titans on this list of talented base-building aficionados!

1. A ship carrying ship carrying ships

Space Loner (opens in new tab)’s creation earns bonus points for not just being a well made and impressive construction but for also being a great way to show off all your ships. Sure, you could scatter some landing pads around your average base but why not make something that was designed to have your spacecraft parked up, taking off and just generally looking like they were meant to be there. 

2. The face of God

Not technically a base, more a collection of tiles but Roland Oberheim (opens in new tab)’s build still counts. Just in case you’re not up on your Hello Game’s staff roster, that’s Sean Murray, the original creator of No Man’s Sky. It was his initial idea and code that first breathed life into No Man’s Sky so it’s only fitting he should be immortalised within it. 

3. Choose the impossible. Choose Rapture

You can almost hear the distant rumbling groan of a Big Daddy when you look at Jaydee0004 (opens in new tab)’s underwater base. There’s no lighthouse or Bathysphere here but it still must be a sight to see those rooms and corridors reveal themselves from the gloom at the bottom of the ocean. And, just in case you didn’t know, you can totally build a landing pad underwater and park your ship on it. 

4. Gun-DAMN

It’s another amazing creation from Space Loner (opens in new tab) here, the person who created that impressive aircraft carrier. This is slightly less practical but more than makes up for it with just plain showmanship. Okay, there’s nowhere to really land or actually live but just look at it. 

5. Good news everyone!

Here’s hoping Stroopy Waffels (opens in new tab) has found a planet filled with Zoidberg-like aliens to build their version of Futurama’s Planet Express building on. Given the limited shapes you can realistically coax out of No Man’s Sky’s base building, it’s impressive just how spot on the resemblance is. The only way it could be any better is if you could actually land through the roof. 


No one actually needs a house in the shape of a Dalek which, in a way, is all the more reason to make one. There’s a certain something you can only get from a home if it’s also a giant Dr Who monster. Like the Futurama building, the attention to detail here is impressive - from the head lights and neck grill, right down to the circles on the bottom and the base bumper. It’s a pretty amazing build from monarchofthepark (opens in new tab)

7. D’OH!

Okay, okay: it’s not finished. But isn’t that somehow even more perfect? Artherdent25 (opens in new tab)’s attempt to immortalise Homer among the stars fell foul of the base building limit, meaning that, A) this is the sort of quality of work you’d expect from the man himself. And, B) he doesn’t have a brain. 

8. Zoom with a view

If you are going to live somewhere scenic you might was well make sure you can see it. Hence Zinsli (opens in new tab)’s vaguely terrifying landing pad overhang. It’s maybe not a hit with intergalactic health and safety but it’s great for a view of the rain forests below. When the mist clears that is. I would say don't look down but that's kind of the point here. 

9. Goomba!

It wouldn’t be a construction mode without someone giving us some 8-bit vibes, so step up Mellquan (opens in new tab) with their Goomba; lovingly created at an excessively and unnecessarily large scale (check out the interloper dancing on the top). It serves no real purpose and doesn’t need to exist, but this is an infinitely richer planet because it does. 

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