No Man's Sky trainer and cheats: Is it possible to cheat on PS4, Xbox One, or PC?

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This game has long been known for giving you the hands-on space exploration experience, which might mean a lot more red tape and meandering around doing busywork than shooting pirates in the far reaches of a galaxy, so it's only natural that your thoughts may turn to a No Man's Sky trainer or cheats. Getting a bit bored? We understand. It can be pretty tempting to start looking for whether or not cheats can be found for No Man's Sky on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, to make your life of space exploration that little bit easier. We've looked into it, and here’s what we’ve found.

No Man's Sky money cheat

Units make the world go around in No Man's Sky, and you'll need plenty of them if you want to stock up on valuable supplies and upgrades to improve your lot. Sadly there isn't a money cheat to give you an instant deposit, but if you want to know how to make money fast in No Man's Sky then check out our guide or watch the video above for advice on racking up Units quickly.

No Man's Sky item duplication exploit

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There was once a time where you could duplicate an entire ship's worth of items with an exploit, either as a money-saving way to farm resources or to sell valuable stock on for a profit. Sadly for cheat fans, this exploit was patched out by Hello Games a while ago, but if you're curious then this is how it worked.

Starting in a Space Station hangar with the items you want to duplicate in your ship inventory, exit your ship to create a save file. Next, fly out into space and get your ship destroyed nearby – attacking a Freighter or pirates will do the job quickly. Once you're returned to the game, load your previous save file (the one before the most recent file representing your respawn) and you'll be back in the Space Station with your original ship inventory intact, but will still see your Grave on the scanner marking where you died. Make some room in your ship inventory then fly on out to your Grave, where you can collect the items lost in your wreckage and effectively duplicate everything you originally had.

Update patches have ensured that you can no longer visit your Grave after reloading previous save files to close this loophole, but as far as exploits go it was pretty good while it lasted.

No Man's Sky WeMod Trainer

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If you're a PC player using the Steam version of the game, then the WeMod No Man's Sky trainer offers a simple solution with over 20 cheats available. From unlimited health and Units to free Starship crafting and easy craft base building, there should be enough options available to satisfy all of the No Man's Sky cheats needs you may have.

No Man's Sky Cheat Mods

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If you want to add further customisation to your game 'enhancements', then take a look at the No Man's Sky Mods cheats section and see what's on offer. You can increase the size of material stacks, speed up farming, make ships cheaper to repair, and much more. As always, make sure you check the installation instructions carefully, back up your save files before making any changes, and remember any mods you install are completely at your own risk.

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