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New Borderlands 3 art yields more teasers and Borderlands 2 Shift codes

Gearbox loves three things: Borderlands, morse code, and Shift codes. We've already found plenty of morse code secrets hidden in the Borderlands 3 trailer, and it seems Gearbox is still rolling out more Shift codes for Borderlands 2. The following Shift code was found in a newly released and noticeably modified version of Borderlands 3's box art:


Redeeming it will net you Maya's Community Day skin, Last Call. 

Image via Orcz

Image via Orcz

The morse code scripts on either side of the central Psycho have already been cracked - and seem to tease the return of Borderlands 1's infamous final boss - but players have sniffed out a few other secrets in the new art. For starters, there are a few strange symbols around the ship above the Borderlands 3 logo, but their meaning is anyone's guess. See for yourself:

There's also another code hidden amongst the roses in the bottom right. It reads: 

23541514201955111156191143202111825 2 

Rather than a Borderlands Shift codes, this is a simple alphabet cipher. Each number corresponds to a character in the English alphabet, so when decoded, it reads: "We don't speak of Sanctuary 2." Sanctuary, you may recall, was the main hub in Borderlands 2. Perhaps it'll make a comeback in  Borderlands 3 as well? I mean, Lilith did teleport the whole dang city at one point, so it's clearly mobile. But if there is a Sanctuary 2, why don't we speak of it? The questions are piling up.

There's one more secret hidden in the roses: a petal emblazoned with the word "Sirens." This isn't much of a teaser - Sirens already being a known quantity in the Borderlands universe - but it is another bread crumb for diehard fans. I'm anxious to see the role Sirens play this time around, especially since the latest Siren looks so badass. 

Our Borderlands 3 trailer breakdown has 36 details you may have missed, and you can find even more information in the video breakdown below: