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Netflix introduces new feature that picks a random show or movie for you to watch

Netflix Play Something
(Image credit: Netflix)

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a free weekend or a cozy night in, Netflix has killed more minutes than we can count thanks to overwhelming us with its seemingly endless library of movies and shows. Now, there’s a solution to the procrastination involved in picking something to watch. Introducing... Play Something.

Netflix’s new feature does exactly what it says on the tin. Play Something can be found under your profile on the user screen, by scrolling up on the homepage, or as a button on the sidebar.

Once you click it, you’ll be whisked away into one of several options: a new movie or first episode of a TV show, a movie or show you haven’t watched in a while, or an episode from a show you picked up and maybe dropped halfway through.

Don’t worry, it’s not completely random – it’s based on your previous viewing history, so you’ll have the Almighty Algorithm (and yourself) to blame if it spits out something you don’t enjoy.

As of writing, Play Something appears to be slowly rolling out in different territories and on different devices. So, be patient if it doesn’t pop up for you quite yet.

But that’s not all that’s coming to Netflix in the near future. A new trailer from the streamer has previewed its 2021 movie lineup, starting with Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead in May. Maybe that Play Something button won’t get quite as much use with a new movie coming out literally every week.

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