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More Godfall PS5 news is coming "really really soon", promises Counterplay

(Image credit: Counterplay Games)

Developer Counterplay has confirmed that we'll be hearing more news about its upcoming PS5 game, Godfall, "very, very soon."

Speaking at publisher Gearbox's PAX East show, a representative from Counterplay Games reiterated Godfall's status as the first confirmed PS5 game for Sony's next-gen console, promising that "We have more to tell you about Godfall really, really soon."

While this might seem obvious, given that Godfall is scheduled to release by the end of the year, that vague timeline becomes more interesting when viewed in the context of the PlayStation's own promotional campaign for next-gen, which has yet to begin despite the endless rumours of a PS5 February reveal event

Could more info about Godfall be coming as part of a wider PlayStation extravaganza? It's going to be hard for Counterplay to reveal new features about its self-proclaimed "looter-slasher" without explaining how it'll utilise next-gen technology, after all, so perhaps that "very soon" time frame applies as much to PS5 as it does Godfall. 

That, or we could be reading way more into this than Counterplay is wanting us to, and it's simply asking fans to stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for the latest updates on the game in the lead up to release. Sony itself has said the PS5 reveal timeline will be similar to that of the PS4's, though, so something is bound to happen soon enough. 

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