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PS5 reveal timeline is "comparable to the past", says Sony

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Sony has confirmed that the PS5 (opens in new tab) reveal timeline "will not change", and will follow a similar pattern to PS4's promotional campaign, which was announced in February 2013 and released in November of the same year. 

Hiroki Totoki - Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer - clarified the details in a recent Sony's financial earnings call (opens in new tab) to investors earlier this month, stating that "when the time is right, we will disclose the new product."

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"It's very difficult to really discuss this timing-wise," continued Totoki, "but as of today, we will provide the guidance at a time period which is comparable to the past. So we will not change the time schedule."

While he's speaking in heavy legalese, Totoki appears to be suggesting that PS5 reveal timeline will follow the same beats as that of the PS4's debut, which - if taken at face value - still leaves a chance for that rumoured PS5 February reveal event (opens in new tab) to take place, even if it's just in the form of a State of Play livestream. 

In the same earnings call (opens in new tab), Totoki also acknowledged that Sony had not finalized the PS5 price (opens in new tab) point as of yet, and seemed to imply that the tech company was waiting for Microsoft to unveil the cost of Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) before it came to a decision. 

A recent report has also stated that PlayStation is struggling to keep the cost of the PS5 down to an affordable level, due to the priciness of its internal parts, but Sony may be willing to take a hit during the initial launch period in order to maintain steady sales from day one onwards. Anything more than $450, and our wallets could be in trouble. 

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