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Mass Effect Legendary Edition thankfully didn't fix this hilarious Mass Effect 2 glitch

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
(Image credit: EA)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has an old visual glitch leftover from the original release of Mass Effect 2 where some of the asari on the Citadel have what appear to be human hands.

I noticed in my recent playthrough that several of the asari on the Citadel have hands with more of a white skin tone instead of the blue you'd expect of them. While it's not every asari on the massive construct, I've so far counted at least four who are either asari wearing human gloves or humans wearing asari masks.

It appears this glitch was in the original release of Mass Effect 2, if the above YouTube video from LEVIN6921 is to be believed. The asari in question can be found on the balcony next to Captain Anderson's office - she's actually the first glitched asari I spotted in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so it may be that these character models were missed during BioWare's remaster. We've reached out to BioWare for comment, and will update this story if we get a response.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

(Image credit: EA)

Until then, I'm curious how many asari character models have this human hand visual glitch, and if it's just happening on the Citadel. Mass Effect 1 clearly modeled the asari after human characters, as Liara can wear the human body armor you discover in-game. Mass Effect 2, however, lets you cycle between different characters' appearances that are unrelated to any armor you may purchase for Commander Shepard in-game. BioWare may still have used human character models for asari NPCs, however, as this human hand glitch would suggest.

BioWare did change the race of a Mass Effect 1 NPC to fix a plot hole that stayed open for nearly 15 years, so the studio is certainly paying attention to old mistakes and glitches. Maybe the team kept this one in there because it's just too damn funny not to.

A full Mass Effect Legendary Edition review is coming this week, until then check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review-in-progress.

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