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Mass Effect Legendary Edition swapped out a human NPC for a turian to fix a plot hole

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
(Image credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition swaps a turian NPC for a human to fix a side quest that's baffled players since 2007, as pointed out on Reddit (opens in new tab). Warning, some minor Mass Effect 1 spoilers follow.

The side quest requires you to head to the planet Agebinium in the Amazon System within the Voyager Cluster in search of an Alliance Homing Beacon that carries a massive nuclear payload. When you arrive and head to the beacon's icon on the map, you'll find a mine that is actually a trap set by Elanos Haliat. Haliat is a pirate leader who - prior to Mass Effect 1 - attacked an Alliance colony in an attempt to bolster his reputation in what became known as the Skyllian Blitz. If you choose the 'War Hero' background for Commander Shepard, Haliat will reference your direct influence on the failed Blitz attempt. Otherwise, he'll wax poetic about getting revenge for the Alliance thwarting his plans.

Players of the original 2007 Mass Effect were uniformly baffled by Haliat's appearance, however, as the character is initially depicted as a human male. Upon entering the mine, you're greeted by a hologram of Haliat, who reveals there's a bomb set to go off in the mine. "I was ruined when your kind held against the Blitz. What better way to recover my reputation than by eliminating the first human Spectre?" Haliat says. Haliat makes another reference to human colonies later on in the conversation, has a very turian-sounding name, turian voice filtering, and originally has an eyepiece only ever seen on turian characters. Someone made a mistake at BioWare, and decided to fix it in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as the Haliat you'll encounter on Agebinium is, indeed, a turian.

Turian or human, I still wasted the guy after disabling the bomb, so at the end of the day his fate remained the same. However, it's great to see BioWare going the extra mile when it comes to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, making sure to swap out character models to better serve a minor side quest.

Expect a full Mass Effect Legendary Edition review this week, until then read our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review-in-progress.

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Alyssa Mercante
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