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Lego Luigi expansion looks to have been confirmed by a retailer leak

Lego Super Mario sets
(Image credit: Lego)

Update: Lego Luigi appears to have been confirmed by a retailer leak. The Brick Fan first noted that a now-deleted Amazon China listing called Adventures With Luigi featured the iconic plumber brother, and is set to release later this year on July 9. Looks like it won't be long at all until Luigi's expansion pack is available for Lego collectors around the world.

Original: A Super Mario Lego owner has noticed that their Mario figure has begun calling out for Luigi.

The Mario figure probably isn't possessed, but in the footage below (via Eurogamer), a user realized that after having picked up and pressed a sound button on their Lego Super Mario figure, the figure appears to call out for his green-themed brother Luigi a few times.

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Creepy is certainly one way of looking at it. The voice lines come following a firmware update for Lego Super Mario figures, which the original poster just above notes is called the new "treasure hunt" update.

In fact, the official Lego FaceBook page actually commented on this new discovery. "We did notice that LEGO Mario has started calling for him," said the official Lego FaceBook page, replying to a user. "We’re looking into it and hope to have clarity on why this is soon. Stay tuned!"

This could be some galaxy-brain level marketing from Lego. Having Mario's Lego figure comment the whereabouts of his brother is sure to get kids in particular asking if they can reunite the brothers in their Lego form. If Luigi is indeed destined to make his Lego debut, he could do it through an add-on expansion pack, similar to how we've seen Lego build upon the range in the past. Over the last six months, we've seen expansion sets containing Chain Chomp, Tanuki Mario, Shy Guy, and more introduced, and a future set containing Luigi seems like a pretty safe bet.

If you're looking to get into Lego's Super Mario range, head over to our Lego Super Mario sets guide for the best current prices around. Once it's announced, you'll also be able to find the best Lego Luigi starter set prices with our guide.

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