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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Old Man locations, warm doublet recipe, paraglider shrine

Owa Daim Shrine

This shrine is to the south of the region.

You'll need to have picked up the warm doublet or cooked up a batch of cold resistant dishes to reach it.

Interact with the plinth to extract the time-freezing Stasis power.

Use it on the cog to stop the platform rotating, and cross over to the other side.

There's a chest containing a Traveler's Shield at the top of the ramp. The only problem is there are giant balls rolling down it towards you.

Use Stasis on a ball before it rolls off the edge and run up to the middle where you can take a pit stop without getting crushed.

You don't need to freeze a ball to reach the top of the platform where the chest is, as there's plenty of time to scurry up there.

Now that's taken care of, go back down and around to the left. Pick up the Iron Sledgehammer resting against the wall. Use Stasis on the ball blocking the path ahead and use the sledgehammer to go to town on it. It'll fly off, clearing the path and letting you finish the shrine. 

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