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Jupiter's Legacy trailer shows off Netflix's new big-budget superhero series

Forget the Avengers and Justice League, Netflix is bringing another superhero squad to our screens. Jupiter's Legacy – based on Mark Millar and Frank Quietly's comic books of the same name  – introduces Union, a supergroup formed in the '30s. The series, though, won't just be about Union's antics, but also the group's legacy and how its members' children contend with it.

The first Jupiter's Legacy trailer has arrived and offers a taste of what to expect. In short, there's a lot of CGI action and some deep contemplation from members of Union. "90 years and what do we have to show for it?" asks Josh Duhamel's Sheldon Sampson, AKA The Utopian, leader of the Union. Watch above.

Previously speaking about his character, Duhamel said: "He's looking at his children and he knows that ultimately they're never going to fix the world either... He's the man full of optimism at the beginning and a man full of regret at the end of his life. And that's what the story is, it's basically a superhero who looks back at his life and he's failed."

Millar previously described wanting the comic series to be "Lord of the Rings for superheroes" and the trailer certainly shows Netflix trying to recreate that feeling. Jupiter's Legacy is also produced by Miller. 

Jupiter's Legacy follows a recent wave of non-Marvel and DC superhero shows, which has also included the animated Invincible, based on the comic series by The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman, and The Boys season 3, both released by Amazon. On Netflix, there's already Umbrella Academy season 3 on the way, and some presumed sequels to The Old Guard

Jupiter's Legacy is due to arrive to Netflix this May 7, 2021. Until then, check out the best Netflix shows streaming now.

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