New Jupiter's Legacy teaser shows off first look at Netflix's new superhero series

Jupiter's Legacy
(Image credit: Netflix)

You've heard of the Avengers, you've heard of the Justice League, now get ready for the Union. Jupiter's Legacy, Netflix's new superhero series, is headed our way – and there's a new teaser trailer to get you hyped.

The show is based on the comic book series of the same name by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly, which saw a superhero group formed in the '30s by the name of the Union. The series explores the legacy of the Union as it relates to their children. Check out the teaser below. 

The clip shows off the process between comic and screen, with the 2D drawn characters morphing into their live-action counterparts. Quietly provides the artwork. The first teaser released back in February included a voiceover from one of the heroes named The Utopian, played by Josh Duhamel, warning of a bleak future, though this new teaser focuses on the visuals. 

Millar described wanting the comic series to be "Lord of the Rings for superheroes" at IGN Fan Fest, which is pretty exciting to hear. As for The Utopian, he commented: "He's looking at his children and he knows that ultimately they're never going to fix the world either... He's the man full of optimism at the beginning and a man full of regret at the end of his life. And that's what the story is, it's basically a superhero who looks back at his life and he's failed."

This isn't the only non-Marvel or DC superhero TV show releasing in 2021 – there's also the animated Invincible, based on the comic series by The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman. The Boys season 3 is also filming this year, though there's no word on a release date just yet. Then of course there are plenty of Marvel live-action shows headed our way via Disney Plus, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, as well as the animated What If…?

The series is due to arrive to Netflix this May 7, 2021. Until then, check out the best Netflix shows streaming now.

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