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JAWS: Ultimate Predator surfacing for 3DS and Wii this fall

Ever since Marty McFly first tangled with a holographic Jaws in Back to the Future II, geeks of the world have waited patiently for the day when they too can be threatened by three-dimensional sharks in public. Now, it appears technology is finally catching up with our wildest dreams as Nintendo has announced the impending release of JAWS: Ultimate Predator for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

Producedby Majesco and Micropose, both versions will cast players as thetoothy demon-shark in question, who must defend his territory from human invaders by any means necessary. In the 3DS version, developed by n-Space(Geist, Square Enix's upcomingHeroes of Ruinfor the 3DS), Jaws's basic attacks such as biting, ramming and dodging will be handled through touch screen controls, with the handheld's other functions used to help pull off special moves like Feeding Frenzy and Corkscrew Shred. In the Wii version, developed by TecTonic Studios, a subsidiary ofCollision Studios(Brave: A Warrior's Tale), players will have access to a larger move set and more locales including Hawaii, the Great Barrier Reef and Amity Island.

“The Jaws movie defined a generation and forever changed our perception of sharks,” said Majesco's CEO, Jesse Sutton. “Sinking your teeth in as the ultimate predator is a strong and compelling concept underlined by the performance of our best-selling Jaws console games years ago. Never before released for Nintendo platforms, JAWS: Ultimate Predator lets a new generation experience that same visceral underwater thrill.”

Majesco's last attempt at a Jaws game, Appaloosa Interactive's 2006 Jaws Unleashed,failed to cause much of a stiron the PS2, Xbox or PC. Maybe a new system and an extra dimensionwill helpJAWS: Ultimate Predatorin the'visceral underwater thrill' department when it is released this fall.

June 3, 2011

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