Remember when GamesRadar had a Shark Week?

In what must be the strangest turn of events for all games media, GamesRadar engaged in a futile display of shark-related coverage to coincide with the annual hysteria that surrounds The Discovery Channel'sShark Week. Turns out only SOME of you are in that oh-so-desireable crossover demographic, but those who stuck around were treated to the finest vaguely shark-related content the games press has ever (and will ever) see. We also ran what must be thejankiest contestin all of GR history.

Care to relive some of that greatness with us now?

When games and massive sea predators collide, things get ugly fast

Don't get bit by these imposters!

Sometimes sharks eat you, other timesthey 800E5634 0003 you

B Buttercup's second-ever article explains why this was a bad idea all along

Shark Week goes off the rails with 2006's crazy masterpiece of awful

Shark Week concludes with the most JAWful stories ever told

Does this mean there could be another Shark Week for 2010?

Of course not.

August 2, 2010

Brett Elston

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