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Where to find Halo Infinite Spartan cores and upgrade your gear

Halo Spartan cores
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Halo Infinite Spartan Cores are essential if you want to upgrade things like your shield, grappleshot or other parts of Master Chief's gear. As you play through the story in Halo Infinite, you'll find various pieces of Spartan equipment that you can add to your arsenal which can then be upgraded multiple times to upgrade base stats, or add specific effects and bonuses. To do that you'll need to find Spartan cores on the map, which you can then spend on upgrades, with the costs increasing for each item each time you enhance it. 

Coming up we've got where to find find Halo Infinite Spartan Cores covered so you can upgrade Master Chief and all his gear quickly and easily. 

Where to find Halo Infinite Mjolnir suit upgrades 

Halo infinite Mjolnir suit upgrades

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While Spartan Cores pay for gear improvements, it's the Halo Infinite Mjolnir suit upgrades that initially unlock them. These are gated to the story and are basically impossible to miss, usually found in corridors and presented in such a way that you can't help but walk into them. So don't worry about trying to find them, the game will give them to you as you play through the main campaign missions. If you do want to prioritise unlocking the game's equipment then just play through the story faster. 

Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations

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These are all the Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations we've found on the map. While you can find them accidentally, as you explore, the best way to locate them is to capture FOBs. These UNSC bases will mark up nearby items, including Spartan Cores on the map, when you capture and claim them. However, it's an imprecise skill as to what FOB highlights what area, while some Cores are also in side missions areas like enemy outposts that you'll need to take on to get near them. However, this Halo Infinite Spartan Core map should save you time searching them all out individually, and help you level up your gear faster. We'd recommend putting all your initial points into boosting your shield power and fully upgrading the Grapple shot before you do anything else. Those two items will more or less see you through the whole game. 

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