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GTA Online fastest bikes - the top motorcycles tested to reveal which is the quickest ride

GTA Online fastest bikes – the top motorcycles tested to reveal which is the quickest ride
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Taking a seat on one of the GTA Online fastest bikes will give you the opportunity to dominate your opponents during high-octane motorcycle races, as well as helping you complete any two-wheeled challenges you need to tick off, and – perhaps most importantly – look like a badass when you screech away and leave a cloud of dust billowing around your GTA Online crew. If you want to pick out one of the fastest bikes in GTA Online then there's more to think about than just its top speed, as without the acceleration to get there you'll be left behind in a race, and if it doesn't offer tight enough handling then you'll end up plowing straight into a wall when the turns kick in. As always, the price is also an important factor, unless you've been stockpiling plenty of GTA$ in your account.

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As with our guide to the GTA Online fastest cars, we'll be referencing the extensive research by GTA vehicle expert Broughy to determine which are the GTA Online fastest bikes. Not only will we be highlighting the best five performers for top speed, but we'll also look at the top five lap times achieved, both of which use Broughy's custom tracks for accurate results. You can see the results and methodology in full for more information about the process and how these figures were achieved.

GTA Online fastest bikes – Top Speed

GTA Online fastest bikes

(Image credit: GTA Wiki)
  1. Deathbike - 150 mph
  2. BF400 - 137 mph
  3. Bati 801 - 135 mph
  4. Hakuchou - 134 mph
  5. Ruffian - 127 mph

The top speeds on the list above were all achieved between two checkpoints on a straight route. A trick to get the best speed possible with the GTA Online fastest bikes is to keep pulling wheelies, as this will help you reach and maintain a top speed, with some bikes actually glitching with sustained wheelies to exceed what should be their maximum speed. As you can see from the list above, the Deathbike has far and away the highest top speed, helped in no small part to the nitro boost you can use to give yourself some extra juice. To get the Deathbike you need to invest in an Arena War arena workshop, then convert a Gargoyle bike for a cool GTA$1,269,000 – which means you're looking at a GTA$2m+ total investment to unlock this beast.

Behind that, the BF400, Bati 801, and the Hakichou all have pretty similar top speeds, and each can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for a much more reasonable price. The BF400 is GTA$95,000, the Hakuchou clocks in at GTA$82,000, and despite its position at #3 on our top speed list, the Bati 801 (an original vehicle from the early days of GTA Online) will only set you back $15,000!  

GTA Online fastest bikes – Lap Time

GTA Online fastest bikes

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)
  1. Shotaro - 00:57.490
  2. Hakuchou Drag - 00:57.590
  3. Bati 801 - 00:58.625
  4. Akuma - 00:58.892
  5. Deathbike - 00:59.017

This is where things get interesting, with the above lap times earned on multiple runs of the Cutting Coroners GP circuit. Lap times take acceleration and handling into account rather than just top speed, though bear in mind that these results were obtained by a highly skilled rider and your mileage may vary depending on your own abilities. This test shows the Shotaro out in pole position, and if you want to purchase this bike you'll first need to play at least one round of the Deadline Adversary Mode, after which it will become available from Legendary Motorsports but will set you back a hefty GTA$2,225,000.

This is closely followed by the Hakuchou Drag, which is a less pricy GTA$976,000 from Legendary Motorsports and was only slightly slower around the test circuit, though the difficult handling at high speeds can make it tricky to master. The Bati 801 clocks in a full second slower, but as previously mentioned the minuscule GTA$15,000 price tag still makes this an attractive prospect. Although the Deathbike has by far and away the highest top speed in testing, it was only able to reach the number 5 spot in lap times due to its heavier handling. 

GTA Online fastest bikes – which is best?

GTA Online fastest bikes

(Image credit: GTA Wiki)

Ultimately, the question of which GTA Online fastest bike is best comes down to personal preference and riding ability. If you want a motorcycle with an insane top speed and pretty solid handling, then the Deathbike is absolutely a sound choice for you. If you're looking for a nippy ride with smooth manoeuvrability, and don't mind sitting atop a cycle that looks like it's been lifted direct from the movie Tron, then the Shotaro is definitely ticking the right boxes. Finally, if you're on a tight budget then the Bati 801 ranks highly for both top speed and lap time while only costing a fraction of the price the other motorcycles command, so is a great pick to have in your garage.

Whatever you go for, make sure you put in the time and practice to really understand the bike's handling so you can get the most out of it, and remember to always wear your helmet – safety is sexy.

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