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Grounded best weapons: How to get the Mint Mallet, Ant Club, and Insect Bow

grounded best weapons
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Despite still being in early access, there are a lot of considerations for the Grounded best weapons thanks to just how many weapons and tools there are in the game. At the time of writing, there is just one tier three weapon - the Mint Mallet - which certainly features on our list, but we've also got two more tier two weapons which you need to be considering when looking for the best weapons in Grounded. Here are all of the Grounded best weapons and how to craft them.

Grounded best weapons

1. Mint Mallet

Grounded best weapons: Mint Mallet

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Mint Mallet ingredients:

  • Mint Chunks x5
  • Flower Petals x8
  • Spider Silk x9

In order to craft the Mint Mallet, you first need to make the Insect Hammer. This is because you need five Mint Chunks to make the Mint Mallet, which can only be obtained with the Insect Hammer.

Insect Hammer ingredients:

  • Stinkbug Part x4
  • Berry Leather x4
  • Boiling Gland x1

Once you've got the Insect Hammer, use it to break down Mints, found at the Ice Caps Mint Container near the Mystery Machine. This will give you Mint Chunks, which also unlocks the Mint Mallet recipe in-game. Collect five of them and move on to the next ingredient.

Flower Petals spawn below large flowers and are brightly coloured, so they're easy to spot. Enemies tend to be rife around bigger flowers though, so keep an eye out.

Finally, you need nine Spider Silks. You can get these from killing spiders, or destroying spider webs, which can be found scattered throughout the garden. When you've got nine, you can craft the Mint Mallet. While it's technically a tool and not a weapon, for the time being it's the best weapon in the game.

2. Ant Club

Grounded best weapons: Ant Club

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Ant Club ingredients:

  • Ant Part x4
  • Woven Fiber x2
  • Ant Mandibles x2

The Ant Club recipe can be obtained in two different ways; either analyze an Ant Part, or find Ant Mandibles. You need both to craft it, so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

Ant Parts are found solely by killing ants. Any type of ant is fine; Ant Parts should drop upon death.

Ant Mandibles, on the other hand, can only be obtained by killing Soldier Ants. You can lure a Soldier Ant to you by killing Worker Ants repeatedly until one appears, or you can venture inside an anthill. Just make sure you bring a torch, because it is dark in there.

Finally, the Woven Fiber recipe can be obtained by analyzing Plant Fiber at a field station, then combine three Plant Fiber together to make Woven Fiber. You need two in total, which is six Plant Fiber.

3. Insect Bow

Grounded best weapons: Insect Bow

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Insect Bow ingredients:

  • Spider Silk x2
  • Spider Chunk x2
  • Spider Fang x2

This should really be called the Spider Bow given the ingredients, but in order to craft an Insect Bow you essentially need to kill spiders. You discover the in-game recipe by analyzing a Spider Fang which is only found by killing Wolf Spiders, while Orb Weavers will drop Spider Chunks. As mentioned above, Spider Silk can be obtained from any type of spider, as well as by destroying spider webs.

As Grounded receives more updates, no doubt this list will evolve, but for the time being these are the three weapons you absolutely need to be crafting in Grounded.

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