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Grounded tips: 8 things you need to know to stay alive in the garden

grounded tips
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If you've been shrunk down to the size of an ant like the rest of us, you'll want these Grounded tips to get yourself off to a flying start. Well, a running start, because Grounded would be significantly easier if you could fly. Whether you're keen to slay all the Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders or you want to make the best base, here are some top Grounded tips to get you started.

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1. Pick up everything and analyse it to learn recipes

Grounded tips: Analyse stuff

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Right from the get-go, as soon as you emerge into the garden in Grounded, you'll want to be picking up as much as you can. You can carry a lot of stuff, more than you'd expect for a survival game, so don't worry about becoming overencumbered any time soon. When you're at a field station, analyse anything new you've got and you'll slowly learn recipes for crafting better equipment. 

2. Dirty water is fine to drink, as long as you've got enough to eat

Grounded tips: Dirty water

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Finding clean water is much harder than finding dirty water in Grounded, for obvious reasons. Don't be afraid to drink dirty water because it will still quench your thirst, you'll just become hungrier so make sure you've got enough food to hand.

3. Trail Markers will add custom landmarks to your map

Grounded tips: Trail markers

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While some important locations are automatically marked on your map when you encounter them, you can place custom landmarks via the use of Trail Markers. These are crafted with two Sprigs, two Plant Fibers, and one Clover Leaf. Incredibly useful when you want to make your way back to a specific place.

4. Red eyes mean an enemy is aggressive and going to attack

Grounded tips: Red eyes means aggro

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Some enemies are completely passive until you engage in combat with them, while others will be instantly on the attack as soon as they see you. If you're not sure whether an enemy insect is trying to eat you for dinner, look at the eyes; if they're red, it's on the hunt. This could either be towards you, or another smaller insect it wants to prey on.

5. Perfect Blocks prevent all damage with no stamina cost

Grounded tips: Perfect blocks

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Mastering the art of the perfect block isn't easy, but when you do, you can take down essentially any enemy no matter your equipment. Block right as an enemy attacks to execute a perfect block and if you get the timing right, you'll prevent all damage and you won't lose any stamina. You'll know a block is perfect if there's a metallic sound and the enemy is parried slightly.

6. Don't take on spiders right away because they're incredibly tough

Grounded tips: Don't fight spiders straight away

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Spiders are essentially some of the toughest enemies you can face off against in Grounded, so don't take them on right away. Unless you do learn how to perfect block as mentioned above, fighting spiders is hard work, so wait until you've got some better armor and weapons to use.

7. Ranged weapons are great to take out enemies from cover and heights

Grounded tips: Ranged weapons

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You can craft something like a Sprig Bow fairly early in the game if you hunt down the right materials (Sprig x3, Gnat Fuzz x4, Woven Fiber x2). Equip that with some arrows and find a vantage point to start sniping enemies from above, where they'll seriously struggle to reach you.

8. Ant armour will allow you to disguise yourself amongst ants

Grounded tips: Ant armor

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When you've eventually crafted the Ant Helmet, Arm Guards, and Knee Guards, Soldier Ants won't be hostile towards you. This means you can sneak inside ant hills and search for the goodies that lie within without being attacked. One of us, one of us, one of us!

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