Where to find the Grounded Minotaur Maze Key

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key
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The Grounded Minotaur Maze Key is used to access a chest on the Picnic Table, within which you can get a special BURGL chip and a Milk Molar, both of which are enormously valuable! The BURGL chip itself is the key to building the Mint Mace - one of the game's best weapons - so below I'll explain how to get the Minotaur Maze Key in Grounded, it's location, and how to get up onto the Picnic Table so you can get the Mint Mace blueprints afterwards.

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key location

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key

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To get the Grounded Minotaur Maze Key, players will first need to get a tier 2 underwater cutting tool - specifically the Bone Dagger, which we laid out how to get in our Grounded weapons guide. There's no way to reach the key without it, so make sure you have one before venturing to your goal: the white Exposed Pipe South of the Picnic Table, and North of the Sandbox.

The pipe itself is half-submerged in water, and players will have to swim down and into it. Immediately turn right so you surface, then jump back down into the water and turn left into the underground sunken tunnel. Swim to the end where your path will be blocked by a "Soggy Root", which you need the Bone Dagger to break through. Cut through them and grab the plastic Minotaur Maze Key on the other side.

How to get onto the Picnic Table and the Minotaur Maze

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key

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The Minotaur Maze Key is used to open the chest on top of the picnic table, inside the plastic Dungeons and Dragons knock-off maze. To reach it, players need to do the following:

  • Go to the Leaning Shovel to the East of the Picnic table. It'll be standing upright - until you put a Splatburst bomb or other explosive against the rock supporting it.
  • With the rock destroyed, the shovel will fall back against the picnic table, forming a long ramp you can run up. This gets you to the Southern bench, not on top of the table itself.
  • Run to the end and use the connecting trestle support to cross over to the Northern bench.
  • Here there's a stack of books you can run up, leading to a plastic picnic cooler. There's a button you can reach on the cooler, big and red - hit it with a tier 2 or higher busting tool to trigger it. It'll cause the cooler's handle to fall down against the table, providing a new ramp.
  • Up here, turn East (left) to see the plastic Minotaur Maze, past some black ants. There's a door into it to the left of some dice.
  • The maze is pretty easy - go in through the door, take the first left, the first right, then go straight ahead past the plastic statue to the door on your left, and the chest is ahead of you.

Minotaur Maze Key and chest rewards

Grounded Minotaur Maze Key

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The Minotaur Maze Key unlocks a gold chest with a Mega Milk Molar (no busting required on this one) as well as the "RPG Module" SCAB and the Picnic BURG.L chip. It's the last of these that's the most valuable, as it unlocks the Mint Mace crafting recipe in the Science Store after you bring it back to BURG.L, among other things. The Mint Mace remains one of the best weapons in all of Grounded, though you'll only have the recipe, not the actual weapon itself.

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