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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rampage locations guide

Inside the North Point Mall, western side, second floor.

Rampage 17

Along the beach by the building just east of the mall.

Rampage 18

Behind the building on the northwest side of the island.

Rampage 19

In the U-shaped building, just past the sculpture.

Rampage 20

Near the bridge leading to the helipad by Hyman Stadium.

Rampage 21

On the top of the stairs of a building just south of Ammu-Nation.

Rampage 22

On a staircase belonging to a building on the north side of the road leading to Prawn Island.

Rampage 23

In the alley behind the pizza restaurant.

Rampage 24

Northwestern corner of the J-shaped hotel.

Rampage 25

On the docks northeast of the Escobar International Airport.

Rampage 26

Behind the fence that runs along the eastern side of the Print Works.

Rampage 27

In the bushes east of the Fort Baxtor Air Base.

Rampage 28

Sitting on the basketball courts.

Rampage 29

Southwestern corner of the building.

Rampage 30

On the roof of a building just south of the large skyscraper.

Rampage 31

On the roof of the building.

Rampage 32

On the roof of the Escobar International Airport.

Rampage 33

Inside the Escobar International Airport, behind the large columns, next to the large windows.

Rampage 34

Southern side of the Hooker Inn.

Rampage 35

On the northeastern boat outside of Viceport.