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Get this superfast Acer Nitro KG272 165Hz screen in this super early Black Friday gaming monitor sale

Acer Nitro
(Image credit: Acer)

If you're on the lookout for a Black Friday gaming monitor deals, then the Acer Nitro KG272 27-inch 165hz might be one of the better budget buys you'll spot over the next few days, as are offering the speedy screen for just £159.99, down from £229.98, saving you £69.99

This is one of the cheapest prices we've seen for the Acer Nitro so far, and if you've recently invested in one of the best gaming PCs or Black Friday gaming PC deals, then this screen could be handy for getting the smoothest feeling for your games. As this screen supports 165Hz and 0.5ms response time, you're going to get games that will feel more responsive than most other monitors. 

However, if you're looking for a Black Friday gaming monitor deal that has a better resolution - the Acer Nitro KG272 is only 1080p - then you should take a look at our round-up of Black Friday 4K gaming monitor deals page or invest in a Black Friday 4K 120Hz TV deal.

Underneath, you'll be able to find out more details about this 1080p 165Hz screen

Acer Nitro KG272 27-inch 165hz | £229.99

Acer Nitro KG272 27-inch 165hz | £229.99 £159.99 at eBuyer
Save £69.99 - This is one of the cheapest prices we've seen for this super responsive screen, offering you fluid gameplay at a more than reasonable price. With 0.5ms response time as well, you can be assured that you're getting a smoother-than-smooth gaming experience.

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