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Get ready for Christmas with these cheap Nintendo Switch SD card deals

Get ready for Christmas with these cheap Nintendo Switch SD card deals
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If you've quickly filled up the memory on your Nintendo Switch moments after buying it (and with only 32GB of storage in the console, that's not surprising), then chances are you're looking for a cheap SD card deal to boost the capacity. And right now, just in time for Christmas, Amazon is selling some of the cards for reduced prices. Our pick of the bunch is the officially licensed Nintendo Switch 128GB SD card for £27.97 on Amazon. This offers a good saving of £13 and the value it offers is solid.

The other variants of the officially licensed cards are at decent prices too, and we've covered them below. There's nothing quite like that warm, fuzzy feeling from getting your hands on an official Nintendo-branded product, but the 'regular' cards are at great impulse-purchase prices too.

But, I mean, look at the cutesy mushroom! D’aww. Just pop it in your console and you’ll have quadruple the space – for under £20. With all this year's great releases such as Pokemon Sword and Shield and Luigi's Mansion 3, as well as Animal Crossing Switch just on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to have some extra leeway for your console.

UK prices

128GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | just £29.70 at Amazon UK (save £11.29)
Supercharge your storage with this officially-licensed Nintendo 128GB SD card.
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If you want to max out your storage and take a belt and bracers approach to your capacity, the 256GB option is a great card. Fair warning: it’s pretty adorable, featuring Mario’s iconic invincibility star.

256GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £44.99 at Amazon UK (save £33)
Get 8x the storage space on top of the Switch's standard 32GB internal storage with this Mario SD card.
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And there's even a Zelda-themed 64GB SD card. Honestly? This is my favourite design. Down to just 15 pounds (ish)!

64GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | just £14.90 at Amazon UK (save £7.09)
Conquer Hyrule (and beyond) with this ultra-cheap (and amazingly-designed) Zelda SD card.
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If you're not bothered about the branding then there are some great prices on the normal cards. The best price right now is the 128GB card going for £12.95.

128GB SD card for Nintendo Switch | £12.95 at Amazon UK (save £20.46)
Not fussed about Nintendo designs? The standard 128 GB SD card is under £15 and there isn't a ticking clock to worry about.View Deal

US prices

If you're in the US, the prices aren't quite as blistering, but there is value to be had, particularly at Best Buy. The 128GB card offers the best bang for buck right now:

128GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially licensed by Nintendo)| $29.99 at Best Buy (save $38)
For thirty bucks, this is the best value offering at the moment for US shoppers as you'll get a great whack of storage and the officially licensed card.View Deal

The SD cards are easily one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories given the console's rather lean built-in storage. However, don't forget to get one of the best cases for Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch charger to help beef out your Switch setup.

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