The best cheap iPad Mini deals, prices, and sales in 2024

iPad Mini deals
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If you're after a new top-of-the-range tablet for less, the best iPad Mini deals on the market are well worth taking a look at. You can get plenty of discounts on Apple devices if you know where to look, and luckily enough for you, our team of resident bargain hunters is on hand to find you the lowest prices from the biggest retailers.

iPad Mini deals certainly weren't forthcoming when the new 8.3-inch device landed late last year. However, its miniature design and speedy display mean it's well worth hunting down some discounts if you're after a new gaming tablet or handheld productivity machine. 

The iPad Mini price is $499 / £479 for the base 64GB WiFi model, placing the tablet in between the entry-level 10.2-inch 9th generation (at $329 / £319) and the iPad Air 4 at $599 / £579. For your cash, you're getting a newer processor (an A15 Bionic compared to the 9th generation's A13 and Air 4's A12, as well as that super portable form factor and edge-to-edge screen design of the newer releases. 

Stock has been a little difficult to come by since release, though, which means the biggest iPad Mini deals are often on the less popular Cellular or larger-storage models. Still, we have seen iPad Mini prices dropping as low as $399 / £459 in the past, so there are discounts to be found. 

Today's best iPad Mini deals

You'll find all the latest iPad Mini deals across the US, UK, and Australia just below. While the standard price sits at $499 / £479, anything between $399 to $429 / £459 to £479 represents a good deal, and if you spot an offer lower than that in the comparison chart, you're getting a particularly heavy discount. 

What is the iPad Mini price?

iPad Mini

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There are a few different iPad Mini prices up for grabs, above the standard entry level model outlined above. If you're interested in upgrading your storage, for example, you'll be adding around $150 / £140 on top, with prices scaling for cellular models as well. 

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Row 0 - Cell 0 64GB iPad Mini256GB iPad Mini
WiFi$499 / £569$649 / £749
Cellular$649 / £749$799 / £929

Where to find more iPad Mini deals

If the iPad Mini deals in the comparison chart above don't quite fit the bill, we'd recommend checking out the retailers below for more offers. These are the stores that we personally check for new discounts on Apple's miniature devices, and there's usually something up for grabs - even during the driest of sales seasons. 



Is the iPad Mini price worth it?

The premium placed on the iPad Mini price comes down to the fact that you're getting a massive amount of power in such a small shell. Scaling down a tablet with this level of speed and this quality of display isn't an easy task, so Apple places a higher price on its smaller device. If you're looking for a super portable tablet for gaming, browsing the web, streaming, and taking some light notes, that cost is well worth the tiny footprint you're getting here. 

However, if you're going to be using your new iPad for more demanding workflows like day to day tasks, heavier note-taking or media editing, we'd recommend picking up something with a larger screen like the iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro. You can often find iPad Air deals dropping that MSRP down to a position more comparable with the Mini, but iPad Pro prices are a little higher.

Which is the latest iPad Mini?

The latest iPad Mini is the sixth generation, released late last year - often referred to as iPad Mini 6 or iPad Mini (2021). 

If you're after something a little smaller, check out the best gaming phones on the market right now. Or, for the full portable play experience, take a look at the best gaming laptops and the latest Nintendo Switch deals instead. For more Apple gear, though, we're also rounding up all the latest AirPods Pro sales on the shelves.

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