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Get a DualShock 4 and one of the top PS4 games for just £40 with Prime Day

Grab a PS4 controller and one of the best games of the generation for just £40 this Amazon Prime Day
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If you're even vaguely interested in a new Dualshock 4, you need to see this deal that basically gets you a free pad with one of the best PS4 games for only £39.99. That's right, for £10 less than the standard price of a DualShock 4, you can get a PS4 pad (in black, blue, red, pink, or white) complete with a copy of The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, or Horizon Zero Dawn. As someone who has already platinumed all three games and doesn't need a spare controller... this deal is still tempting because it's such good value for money. Definitely one of the best Amazon Prime Day deals so far.

What makes this deal even better is the fact that the controllers come in plenty of different colours. Whether you're a fan of the classic matte black, you want racing red, or the metallic pink takes your fancy, you're not just stuck to the basics.

On top of that, if you go for Horizon Zero Dawn, it's not just the base version of the game you're getting. This is the complete edition, so it comes with the renowned Frozen Wilds DLC that adds a huge snowy expansion to the story. No matter which game you choose, you're getting incredible value for money, especially since all the games will work with no problems on PS5, as will the controller. 

Below are three examples of the bundles, but you can pair the colours and games any way you like.

DualShock 4 and game bundle

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