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A new look office for a new look SFX and Easter hols excitement in this week’s glimpse behind the blast door.

At the time of writing it’s little over an hour till the mammoth Easter holiday for team SFX . Some of us will be taking advantage of the double four day weekend for an 11-day stint away from the office, the rest settling into our new home on the first floor of SFX towers.

That’s right folks, SFX has left the building. Well, technically we haven’t, we’ve moved downstairs. Not much has changed if we’re being honest. The desks are the same, we don’t have to go downstairs to the big meeting rooms, there are two tea-making rooms (aka kitchens), and we have to remember our keycards when popping out to the loo.

After finishing issue 209, Jon’s begun his Easter holidays a day earlier than everybody else, the lucky devil, but we’ll all soon be joining him and stuffing ourselves with chocolate. It’s becoming increasingly hard for Dave B to drag himself away from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon on the Nintendo 3DS in order to come to work, so presumably that’s all he’s going to be doing over the weekend. Over the next couple of weeks Dave B will be working with Comic Heroes Editor Jes Bickham on the next special (The Ultimate Guide To Anime), which has some exciting stuff in it from Manga Entertainment , including three free gifts. No hints just yet though!

Aside from being consistently amazed by the continued good weather (what’s the catch?), Rich is making lists of things to do ahead of a week off, debating the end of The Killing (yes, he knows he’s a few months late) and getting really excited about Doctor Who on Saturday. Dave G on the other hand is celebrating after finishing writing 1000 questions and 8000 answers for the Blastermind app. He’s a trivia machine that man.

Ian’s not here. In his absence Jordan’s been spending every waking minute in the office planning the front end of the reviews section. Every minute out of the office, however, has been monopolised by Portal 2 which he declared “the funniest game of all time! It’s even funnier than Monkey Island !” Jordan also jetted out to a gloriously sunny Dublin last Friday for a hands-on preview of Warhammer 40K game Spacemarine. His thoughts on the game will have to wait for another day, but he can confirm the Royal Hospital Kilmainham is a stunning setting to cleave orks in two with a chainsword.

Russell’s gearing up for his annual four-day Easter pub crawl with his friend from Newcastle, Stone Age Stu. It’s not big and it’s not clever, and it’s not healthy. Next week we’ll be paying particular attention to make sure his pages aren’t complete dogs’ dinners.


Random Quote Of The Week : “Seeing that outside has put me in the mood to have a fight tonight.”

Whose T-shirt? (last week’s answer: they were Nick’s boots!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.