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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Wailing Woods chest locations [H3/H4/I3/I4] - 19 chests total

1. North-west picnic table

When you approach Wailing from Risky Reels, the first chest you’ll find is this one on a picnic table between two motorhomes at the end of the dirt track.

2. North-east purple car

For the next chest, cross the forest directly east. You’ll reach this purple car with a chest in the north-east corner.

3. Crashed motorhome

Walk south and you’ll find this chest next to a tent and a motorhome that has taken a dive.

4. West purple car

Directly west from the hedge maze, near a hut towards the edge of the woods you'll find another purple car with a chest.

5. South-west motorhome

In the very south-west corner at the edge of Wailing Woods is the final chest on top of this red motorhome.

6. Southern log cabin basement

Starting with the log cabin in the south, there’s a chest behind a wall in the basement.

7. Southern log cabin bedroom

Head upstairs to the bedroom for another chest on the bed.

8. Underground facility ledge

Head to the very centre of Wailing Woods and you’ll find a large underground facility. There’s a chest on a ledge behind the main column.

9. Underground facility shipping container

To the right is a blue shipping container with a chest on top.

10. Underground facility control room

Turn around from the container and go right. There’s a chest on a table by two televisions.

11. Underground facility kitchen

Keep going anti-clockwise. There’s a chest in the kitchen on the northern side.

12. Underground facility rift

Go to the final side and down the tunnel. There’s a chest right above the rift.

13. Eastern log cabin porch roof

The first chest in the eastern log cabin is right above the porch in the roof.

14. Eastern log cabin garage

There’s another chest in the garage next to the house.

15. Northern log cabin fireplace 

In the main room there’s a chest below the deer head, above the fireplace.

16. Northern log cabin bedroom

Upstairs, there’s a chest behind the bed.

17. Northern log cabin basement

Down in the basement, you’ll find a chest on top of a tool cabinet.

18. Western log cabin roof

There’s one chest in the roof of the western cabin.

19. Western log cabin basement

And another one on top of the fireplace in the basement.

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