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Fortnite Campfire locations: Where to find and stoke a campfire in Fortnite for a free healing boost

Fortnite Campfires
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Naturally, health is the most important consideration when fighting in the battle royale, as once you run out it's game over, so knowing where to find Fortnite campfires to give yourself a top up can make a real difference. Emptying your health bar isn't always the end, as if you're playing Duos or Squads then a team mate can return your Reboot Card to one of the Fortnite Reboot Vans and bring you back, but generally you want to make sure you're staying in the game. There are of course bandages, medikits, and even Fortnite foraged items which can increase your health, but the Fortnite campfire locations give you another option when you need a boost. Once activated, the campfire will regenerate the health of any nearby Fortnite players for a limited time, which can be increased by stoking the fire with some Wood mats or a Lump of Coal as part of the Fortnite Winterfest challenges – it'll cost you 30 Wood to stoke the fire, but if someone else has already used it then it takes 300 Wood to get it going again.

Fortnite campfires may not be the best source of health, but if you (or your squad) are in a bind then they can really help you out, especially if you're approaching the endgame and don't have any more healing items in your inventory. Check out the our map below, and we'll show you where to find all of the Fortnite campfires.

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Fortnite Campfire Locations

Click the map image to expand (Image credit: Epic Games)

We've been exploring the island to track down Fortnite campfires, had have marked 60+ known locations on the map above - if you need a closer look, then click on the image to expand it. They're fairly well spread across the map, though there are clusters at Sweaty Sands and Weeping Woods, as well as along the south coast if you want a better chance of finding one unused. If you're with a squad in need of healing then make sure you've all gathered round before someone activates the Fortnite campfire, and consider putting up some protective walls so you don't get sniped while topping up your health!

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