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Dwayne Johnson talks Fast And Furious 6

fast five

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he’s sure a sixth Fast & Furious movie is about to spin into production.

The actor recently starred in Fast Five , the fifth film in the car-obsessed movie series, which cleaned up nicely at the box office.

There’s already been talk of a sixth film that would focus more on a heist story than just continuing the series' love affair with car chases, and Johnson sounds interested in returning.

“I'm sure they're getting ready to start writing away,” he tells Access Hollywood . “The best part about the success of Fast Five is the fact of how much the fans love it.”

Johnson has one condition for signing up to a sequel, though. “Well, it all depends… on how much ass I could kick in that movie,” he jokes.

Next up for Johnson could be a role in G.I. Joe 2 , with the actor currently in negotiations to play a character called Roadblock. Badass.