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Drive Angry trailer

Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage gets one last shot at redemption in new 3D flick Drive Angry, which has just revved its first trailer onto the Interweb.

Packed full of explosions, Cage gruffing out one-liners while looking mean as hell, not to mention Amber Heard in denim hotpants, it’s an orgy of blockbusters clichés that still manages to get our engines humming.

That’s mostly thanks to William Fichtner, who looks like he could steal the entire show right out from under Cage’s hot wheels.

Cage stars as a dead man who escapes hell in order to avenge his daughter. Only thing is, Fichtner’s agent of the devil is on his tail, and won’t stop ‘til he’s dragged him back into hell.

Check out the trailer below…

There are three things that Nic Cage loves doing at the movies: he loves playing an anti-hero, he loves driving cars really fast, and he loves shooting guns.

Drive Angry seems to give him a chance to do all three (at the same time for the most part) in retina-whallopping 3D. And if Cage is happy, we’re happy – mostly.

Drive Angry opens in 2011.