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Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Chasing Shadows

Reward: 4,500xp/7,000g

Talk to Mason at the Fountain Square and he will ask you to follow a character that leaves the castle at night. Make your way to the Noble Square at night and when you enter the area, a short cinematic will play. Follow the character as he leaves and you will need to tail him all the way through the Urban Square to Madeline’s shop. Return to Arsmith near the Alehouse to complete the quest.

Land of Opportunity

Reward: 5,000 xp (gold depends on if you talked the family into it)

While walking around Gran Soren, you will eventually run into a character named Fournival. If you don’t find him in the streets, you can find his house in the Noble Quarter. After you talk to him, he will ask you to talk to Jasper, his wife, Sara, and his son, Pip, to get them to leave their land. After you talk to Jasper’s family, Pip will run away. Chase him to the rooftops of the houses beside the field in the craftsman’s area near the Pawn Guild.

To reach the roof you’ll have to jump from one to the other. When you reach him, he’ll run away again. This time find him under the bridge near the barbershop. He’ll run again, but this time you can chase him and catch him. When you do, he’ll give up. Now, you can either return to talk to Jasper, or go talk to Fournival. Either way, you can offer to buy their land so Jasper and his family can stay on the property.

Of Merchant and Monsters

Reward: 5000xp/8,500g

Talk to Alon at the Ancient Quarry west of Gran Soren, near the Miner’s Hut. He will tell you that the mine used to be a trade route until it was overrun with monsters. Enter the mine and there will be bats, snakes, spider, bandits…oh and THREE OGRES to defeat. When you enter, try to clear the mine of the lower beasts first and then worry about the ogres – one at a time.

An easy way to defeat the ogres is to climb up their back and hit them in the head until they get ready to jump backwards. When they do, jump off and land beside their head and keep hitting them. When they stand back up, repeat again. Once you have defeated all three, return to Alon and the mine will now be free of enemies and easy to travel through.

Escort Duty

Reward: 7,500xp/15,000g

Enter Fournival’s house and he will ask if you can take Symone on a tour of the city while he deals with business. Agree to do it and you’ll have to walk will Symone to the Fountain Square. Once there, she will want to play hide and seek. Look for her in either the Inn or the Alehouse and then she will want to walk around the Fountain Square some more.

Once she is done, she will ask for a flagon of water. Simply go over to the Apothecary – if you don’t already have a bottle of water – and purchase one. Give it to her and she will then want to race you back to Fournival’s house. When she runs, let her win, but make sure that you stay behind her all the way. If you stay close to her by zigzagging, she will give you a Golden Idol after you speak to her again in the house.

The Watergod’s Altar

Reward: 15,000xp/13,000g

Go to the cathedral and speak to the priest in there named Geffrey. He will ask you to go to the temple behind the waterfall and talk to Haslett. When you reach him, he will ask you to save his brother inside. Go north, and once you’re inside you will come to a slot that needs a lever. Make your way down the stairs and the ladder on the left.

Defeat a group of Saurians and grab the lever out of the chest. Go back to the lever opening and use it to cross the bridge that it lowers. Once across, enter the Cyclops’s room at the far end and fight it. Once it's dead look for the altar key on the ground and the dead brother that will be lying there. Make your way back, but now you can now use the altar key on the stone door near the exit to enter another corridor.

If you head back out to the waterfall entrance and talk to Haslett, he will ask you to go back into the ruins to find the 5 slate tablets for him. Look around the various corridors, there will be 5 Altar Slate tablets to find in chests. Simply look on the map for their locations to make things easier. The tablets are HEAVY and you need to give them to Haslett all at once, so make sure you have enough space in your inventory to carry them without getting over encumbered. Once you have them all, return to Haslett and then talk to Maximillian.