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Director Kimberly Peirce on her Carrie remake

Carrie is one of two horror remakes under the microscope in the current issue of Total Film magazine (available now for only £1.99 on your iPad ).

Inside the issue, we chat to the folk behind Evil Dead and Carrie , with director Kimberly Peirce telling us why she chose to revisit the Stephen King novel already made filmically famous by Brian De Palma.

“I really, deeply, honestly, 100 per cent fell so in love with King’s writing and with his characters. I love that it’s such a richly psychological book. It’s so dense,” she explained.

So, how will she bring her own unique approach to the material? “I took a page out of the novel to really make it a mother/daughter story. Carrie is your protagonist but the mother/daughter story is the heart and soul.”

It also seems as if the perspective of a female director could be key for Carrie , with Peirce adding, “I also know how girls act and get along with each other. I know how women use power too.”

Carrie opens in the UK on 5 April 2013.

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