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Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected guide: How to get Outbreak Perfected Exotic in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected is based on the original Destiny Exotic Outbreak Prime. To get it, you'll need to clear a challenging and cryptic timed quest, not unlike the Destiny 2 Whisper of the Worm mission. It's worth it, though, because this pulse rifle is a true machine. Its special perk generates SIVA mites which dramatically increase your damage output, especially for sustained fire, making Outbreak Perfected one of the few primaries that can reliably deal with tankier enemies. It's also cool as hell, so we've put together a full guide for how to get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2. 

How to start the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Exotic quest 

First things first: you need to complete the Enemy of My Enemy world quest on Titan. This should take less 30 minutes, so if you haven't finished it yet, go knock it out - and be sure to do all three steps. 

With that out of the way, load up the Bad Neighbors Adventure on Titan. Once you start the section filled with Hive, you'll come to a Shrieker floating over a red-lit room. Enter the room and open the vault door on the left side. Go into the comms room and look for an interact prompt on the right side near the front. 

This is where you'll collect the Fallen Transponder, which is the key to the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected.  

Where to find all six Fallen Transponder nodes 

Once you have the transponder, you'll need to decode it using six data nodes. These are all found in Fallen-themed Lost Sectors, with four in the EDZ and four on Nessus. You can hover over completed Lost Sectors on your map to see which is which, but if you need it, here's a Lost Sector guide courtesy of ProGameGuides. Here's a quick look at where to find all six nodes (tip of the hat to Nyxara for collating this info on Reddit): 

Node 1: The Drain Lost Sector in the EDZ - Follow the main path until you reach a large cavern. The node is on the lower level near some covered cargo. 

Node 2: Whispered Falls Lost Sector in the EDZ - Drop down as soon as you enter the Lost Sector. The node is in a small alcove to the right.  

Node 3: Atrium Lost Sector in the EDZ - Follow the main path until you drop down from a broken rusted staircase. The node is around a corner in a nearby room.  

Node 4: Widow's Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ - The node is on the upper level of the destroyed house, directly behind the Lost Sector chest.  

 Node 5: The Carrion Pit Lost Sector on Nessus - Hang a U-turn to the right just past the Lost Sector chest.  

Node 6: The Rift Lost Sector on Nessus - Jump up to the leftmost section of the main room. The node is inside the farthest freight.  

Zero Hour walkthrough (Normal) 

Once you have all six nodes, it's time to visit the Farm. From the Farm landing zone, head right and look for a basement entrance. Follow the path downward until you reach a small underground room. There's a Fallen Captain in the back left. Talk to him to begin the mission Zero Hour, which is set in the old Tower. But before you do, make sure your loadout is set up the way you want it. You can change gear during the mission, but it's good to set your gear up beforehand. 

Zero Hour is a three-player mission with a 20-minute time limit. It's a 690-Power activity, so you should aim to be at least 681 Power. Like the Whisper mission, Zero Hour consists of combat and platforming sections. It's also overflowing with shielded enemies - mostly Shanks with solar and arc shields, but there are also some arc Captains and void Servitors. You need to kill everything in each encounter to progress, so make sure your fireteam is collectively using weapons of every element. 

For weapons, I'd recommend any machine gun, Loaded Question, Arbalest, Recluse, and Whisper of the Worm. Arbalest will make short work of the Shanks, and Whisper of the Worm will tear through the Spider Tanks throughout the encounter. If you want, you can use Arbalest for the bulk of the mission and switch to Whisper for the final boss. In any case, try to diversify your loadout as much as possible. For example, I played as a Voidwalker and used an arc energy weapon with a solar heavy weapon, that way I could efficiently break any kind of shield.

Once you're ready to go, talk to the Fallen Captain on the Farm. For the first five or six minutes of the mission, you'll just need to follow a linear path and shoot dudes. You must kill every enemy in each area in order to remove the Fallen barriers blocking your path, so be thorough. The first fight has a few void Shanks, and you'll encounter a Spider Tank flanked by void Servitors later on, so be prepared. 


After you kill the Spider Tank, continue through the guts of the Tower until you reach the starting point for Destiny 2's main story. This is where the platforming begins. Slide under the elevator in the back and drop down. Go into the nearby air vent and follow it until you reach an airyard. Drop down and look for another air vent underneath the ship to the left.  

Follow this vent until you come to a room with two more air vents. Shoot the grate off the leftmost vent and follow it to an open room with six chutes along the walls. Jump to the rightmost chute along the near wall and drop down it into another air vent. If you get discombobulated, poke your nose in the corner chutes until you find the right one. 

This path will take you to an outdoor platforming section. Jump to the second yellow lift and look down to your right. Fall down to the alcoves along the wall, then follow the path right. Once you're at the end, look down again and fall to an antenna jutting out of the wall. Follow the path of antennas until you reach a few platforms. Activate the lever on this platform to open an air vent up above, then jump up and into the vent. 

Follow that vent until you reach an empty elevator shaft lined with yellow-trimmed platforms. Follow the platforms up to the second-highest level and shoot the grate off the vent at the top. Oriented to the entrance, enter the grate on the right. If you take the wrong vent, just turn around and hop across to the other vent.  

Now it's time for some death fans. This section looks and sounds scarier than it is. Jump to the platform in the middle of the fan, then look for a red-lit alcove along the wall. Jump to this alcove and slide down to the next fan. You can land on the pipes below or just glide to the next central platform. Repeat this process until you reach another air vent at the bottom. 

This next bit should remind you of the Whisper mission. Jump to the thin, reflective paths along the walls of this obsidian hall to make your way across. There's a bit of wall jutting out at the end of the second path, so be sure to avoid it as you jump to the chute on the far side.  

Trevor the killer zamboni  

Now it's time for the death zamboni, AKA TR3-VR, AKA Trevor, AKA the devil himself. Follow the path until you reach a control room overlooking a maze. Look at the map on the monitor, as this shows you the layout of the maze. The four red lights on the map represent levers in the maze. You need to enter the maze and pull all four levers to open a door in the back, and you need to do this while avoiding Trevor.

There are two levers on each side, so send one person to the left and two people to the right. Hug the outer wall to find the side paths that lead to the levers, and hug the inner wall to find little cubbies you can use to hide from Trevor. Arc barriers will appear periodically, but they will fade after a few seconds. Keep an eye on the lights in the corners of the maze. As always, green means 'go,' and red means 'get in a freaking cubbie before your entrails become your extrails.' If you need to get across the maze quickly - either because somebody died before pulling the levers on their side, or because Trevor is coming and there ain't no cubbies nearby - you can use the red pipes along the abyss in the middle of the maze.  

Once all four levers have been pulled, book it to the back of the maze. Hug the outer wall and you'll find another thin path. This leads to a room filled with janky elevators. Hop on the closest one and press the button to ride it upward. You can take the same elevator the whole way up, but the elevators will plummet shortly after they reach the top, so jump up to the suspended platform as soon as you can.  

You'll come to a big slide lined with red pipes. Slide down, but break your momentum by jumping periodically, otherwise you'll get splatter-killed at the bottom. When you land, take the left path and look for an air vent on the right wall, just before the stairs. Follow this vent and you'll drop down to the Tower vault. Look for a section of wall bearing this symbol: 

Walk into the symbol and the wall will raise, letting you access a large ornate chamber. Head to the back-right room of this chamber and jump down the welded hole in the ground. You'll land in a server room. Follow the linear path until you come to another air vent leading down. This will drop you into the boss room.  

The boss fight 

The final boss of Zero Hour is pretty straightforward. It's a big Fallen Captain guarded by Vandals, Shanks, Spider Tanks, turrets, and more. You have to kill every single enemy in the area to finish the mission, not just the boss, so the mobs should always take priority until the boss is alone. 

When you drop down, two turrets will spawn in on the platforms to the left and right. Kill them ASAP, and deal with the Vandals and Dregs too. Shortly after the second turret dies, a large Servitor and several solar Shanks will spawn on the middle platform. A well-placed Nova Bomb will kill all of them, and Thundercrash and Blade Barrage will also work. Around the same time, the boss will teleport counter-clockwise and summon some arc Shanks on the left side of the room, so have somebody else deal with them. 

Once the first wave of Servitors and Shanks has been dealt with, the boss will teleport to the back of the room and the process will repeat: a big Servitor will spawn with some solar Shanks, then the boss will teleport counter-clockwise again and summon more arc Shanks. Kill everything again and the boss will return to the middle platform. Next, two Spider Tanks will spawn in where the turrets were. This is where Whisper of the Worm comes in handy. Have two players kill the Spider Tanks by any means necessary, and have your third player keep the Vandals and Shanks in the middle of the room under control. 

Once the Spider Tanks are destroyed, group up in the middle to DPS the boss. Vandals and Shanks will spawn in periodically, and it's worth killing them to prevent them from making you flinch while you shoot the boss. Again, you have to kill every single enemy to finish the encounter, so don't start celebrating the moment you've killed the boss. Finish off any remaining mobs to stop the timer, finish the mission, and obtain Outbreak Perfected. Congratulations! Now it's time to beat the Heroic version of this mission and get the Exotic Catalyst for the thing. 

Zero Hour walkthrough (Heroic) 

The Heroic version of Zero Hour is a 700-Power activity, and it also plays out very differently. It starts and ends the same way, but the platforming bits in the middle are totally different. 

Access the Heroic version of the mission from orbit and proceed as normal until you come to the airyard from before. Instead of taking the vent under the ship to the left, head to the right and go to the back-right AC box. Drop down this vent, follow the path through the next vent, and drop down again. 

You'll land on a thin suspended bridge in an industrial room. There's a lever in each corner of this room. Each lever will raise the lid of a chute in the adjacent aqueduct room. Pull all four levels and follow the path out to the aqueduct. You should see the path leading to the aqueduct, but you can also kill yourself, respawn up above, and take a different vent to get there. 

Once you're in the aqueduct room, climb up to the top level until you see four numbered chutes. You're looking for chute 03. Stand on the raised lid for chute 03 and look up. Jump up to the offset, yellow-trimmed ledge. Follow the staggered ledges straight up until you reach an air vent.  

This vent will take you to a thin, long hallway lined with small rooms. Jump between the rooms until you reach a lever at the end. Pull the lever to extend platforms between the rooms, which makes it easier to cross the hallway. Take the left path at the end of the hallway to proceed to the outdoor platforming section.

This section is easier to watch than explain, so let's start with this GIF: 

There are no shortcuts here. If it helps, here's the path you need to follow:  

  • Jump along the three outlet pipes 
  • Jump up three white pipes
  • Jump to the power box and the hinged platform to make it to the orange pipe
  • Jump around the corner to another orange pipe
  • Wait for the hinged platforms to pop up and jump along them
  • Jump onto the rails at the end and use them to climb up to the open panel

Don't crowd each other on this platforming section, as it's easy to knock teammates off. Let the person in front of you get ahead a few jumps. And when you reach the final stretch of hinged platforms, be sure to start moving the second they pop up. 

Go through the open panel at the top of the railings and you'll come to another slide. Unlike before, you don't want to break your momentum on this slide. You'll need it to clear the gap at the end. Dodge the pipes as you slide down, and as soon as the slide opens up, jump off to send yourself flying. Don't jump too late or you'll slam into the wall. You should also hold 'back' when you land to avoid splatter-killing yourself. 

Once you clear the gap, look for an air vent up and to the right. This vent will take you back to the path in the normal version of Zero Hour, starting with the death fans. However, there's one more difference to account for.

When you reach the vault before the boss fight, the gridded room leading into the ornate chamber will vaporize you unless you take a very specific path. Lucky for you, I've prepared only the finest infographics demonstrating the correct path. Note that the path changes depending on the mission's elemental singe, so I've color-coded them for void, arc, and solar. 

Once you clear this grid, it's business as usual. Drop down the hole at the end of the chamber to access the boss, then kill him good. If all goes well, you'll obtain the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Catalyst. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and get ready to do the Heroic version several more times to finish the Catalyst off.  

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