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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate brawls on PS3 and Xbox 360 in fall

Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate is coming this fall. Tecmo Koei today announced the revised edition of DoA 5 will bring modes and content previously exclusive to PlayStation Vita, as well as new characters and stages, to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ryu Hayabusa's Ninja Gaiden apprentice Momiji will join the largest Dead or Alive roster ever, along with other yet-to-be-announced combatants. A new Sky City Tokyo stage with Great Buddha Statue Danger Zones will also draw from Ninja Gaiden's richly perplexing history.

On top of the typical story and arcade modes, fighters can work on their combos with DoA 5 Plus' "Move Details Plus" and tutorial mode. As far as we know, the lascivious touch-flick-and-pinch-based first-person brawling mode remains a Vita exclusive.

Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate will be available in retail and as a download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Connor Sheridan
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