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Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals 2021: tips on getting stellar screens for less

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals
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Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals can offer something of an extension on some of the better Black Friday monitor deals that have stretched out over the weekend period. This means you're sure to find deep discounts on some of the top monitors on the market, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye out on the day if something passed you by on Black Friday itself. 

Now, it isn't all about the flashiest tech around; should you find yourself working with a more modest budget during the Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals, there's almost certainly going to be heavy reductions on the best cheap gaming monitors. These actually seem to be more common than pricier models like the best 4K monitors for gaming and best curved gaming monitors, so you're well in if you want maximum bang for buck.

Speaking of which, don't limit your search to the best gaming monitors for TV. While the vast majority of us think almost immediately of PC gaming when Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals are brought up, it would be remiss of us to neglect the growing popularity of these displays used on current generation consoles too. That's right, those that choose to game on Xbox Series X and PS5, two consoles that are capable of producing 4K120 (and potentially 8K in the years to come), will note that the best Xbox Series X monitors and best PS5 monitors are those that push HDR visual fidelity to its limits. While the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X is going to be perfect for some, a monitor in a bedroom or desk might work for others. The sales period is a great time to get a discount on those screens.

The retailers to be watching on Cyber Monday - USA

If you've been waiting for the right opportunity to get yourself a new gaming monitor, but want to browse the current offers available right now instead of waiting for November, you can get a rough idea of what discounts are happening at the moment from some of the biggest online retailers. 

The retailers to be watching on Cyber Monday - UK

It's a similar story for our readers based in the UK. Right now, despite Cyber Monday being a little ways off, some of our favourite online retailers have decent discounts on gaming, and more general monitors from top brands for less. 

When will the deals start?

Cyber Monday begins on Monday, 29 November. From our experience with Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals, one of two eventualities is certain. The most probable course of action on the day is that most of the more prominent deals will carry through until Monday from Black Friday and the weekend before it. However, it isn't unexpected for unique and exciting deals to spring up, too.  

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals: What to expect

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals

(Image credit: Dell)

We've seen the bulk of the biggest Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals happening at either Amazon or Dell on the day, with the run-up generally dictating the kinds of products that will be available. It's highly likely that Alienware gaming monitors will see some of their lowest prices for the year on the day, and we wouldn't be shocked to learn that Amazon would be rapidly selling out of the premiere gaming monitors from big-name brands like MSI Optix, Samsung, and LG - just to name a few. 

Early Black Friday gaming monitor deals

An exceptional Cyber Monday gaming monitor deal is one that offers an incredible price-to-performance ratio in the desired refresh rate, panel size, and screen type of the end-user's desires. And yes, it's difficult to nail exactly what gaming monitors will suit everyone's needs, given the variety of the displays. At the same time, if there's a low response time, high resolution, or high refresh rate offered at a competitive price, then it's safe to say it's worth looking into more thoroughly. 

In other words, if you're more focused on getting into competitive gaming, then you will want either a Full HD or QHD panel with a refresh rate higher than 60. Generally, we would advise a minimum of 120Hz, and the pros among you are sure to spring for anything rocking a 240Hz refresh rate for the ultimate edge in-game. 

If you're concerned with visual fidelity, however, then a 4K gaming monitor is likely to be more your speed when all is said and done. 

Early Black Friday productivity monitor deals

If you've been waiting for the right time to replace an old, outdated monitor in your workstation, Cyber Monday is definitely one of the better times to consider doing just that. Typically, you will need something that's at least an IPS LED panel (for vivid colors and deep blacks) but we would recommend considering a Quad HD (1440p) monitor for those of you looking to get creative at your PC, for a much greater pixel density, cleaner text, and better visual fidelity overall. 

Now you've got the perfect gaming monitor, ensure all your peripherals are up to par with the best gaming keyboards and best gaming mouse on the market. 

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