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Virgin's cheap fibre broadband deal prices slashed on superfast bundles

cheap virgin broadband fibre deals bundles

Finding a low-priced fibre broadband deal capable of superfast speeds isn't always the easiest of tasks, but Virgin Media has reduced a bunch of bundles today with new cheaper monthly fees. So whether you're a gamer, or want something that can handle multiple devices at once, with options to stream content in 4K with no stuttering, all of these bundles are great choices.

The reduced monthly prices are probably sticking around for a few more days, but the promotions offering between £50 and £100 towards your bills ends tonight!

So if you're looking to the next super-fast internet connection via a new cheap broadband deal then media giants Virgin may well have your next deal ready and waiting. It currently has a range of deals going with the best coming in two groups of deals: the first are the broadband-only deals at the Virgin website; while for those looking at something bigger you can peruse its selection of broadband and TV bundles here instead, too. So, lots to choose from.

The headline act for value is probably the M100 broadband deal which bags you the basic phone line along with a fibre broadband that has an average download speed of north of 100mpbs. You can get this one for £27 a month currently (excluding a start up fee). In terms of the bigger bundles, you could go for the Big Bundle, which bags you faster fibre broadband (around 200mbps download), a phone line, and 110+ TV channels too, all for £33 a month. That's just six quid more per month than a broadband only deal, so there is value to be had here. The value doesn't end with just the prices: all of the deals we've pulled out from Virgin also come with £50 bill credit which is essentially free money off you bills. Nice.

An important thing to note is that these deals are all for 12-month agreements. This is good because it allows for flexibility and the ability to choose the best once again, only in a year's time - as opposed to being tied in for 18 or 24 months. Also, please take notice of the cost of the 13th month - i.e. after the deal on the 12-month arrangements end - as it can shoot back up a bit.

Virgin Media M100 fibre broadband | £27 a month
A decent price for an average speed of more than 100mbps.
View Deal

Or, for only £10 a month more you could treble that speed with Virgin's M350 broadband deal. This is pretty great value to get some of the very fastest internet speeds going.

Virgin Media M350 fibre broadband | £37 a month
Power up your connection even more and get the supercharged 300-odd Mbps download speed into your home.View Deal

If you're looking to go very big, then Virgin Media's enormous bundles covering TV packages too could be right up your street. 

Virgin Media Big bundle | Broadband, TV and phone | £33 a month
This is good value for more than 100 TV channels thrown in with a broadband speed of more than 200mbps download (average).
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