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Call of Duty: Warzone players are turning into zombies

Call of Duty Warzone zombies gulag
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone players are turning into zombies as the undead outbreak worsens on Verdansk. 

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According to a Call of Duty News post about how to become a zombie in Warzone on Twitter, players who land at Prison or Shipwreck on Verdansk and die due to damage are turning into zombies. It's unclear if this is fall damage or damage from enemy players, but you can clearly see a downed player die and fall back to Verdansk as a zombie - no gulag for that guy. According to the Tweet, this will only happen if you die in Quads, Trios, or Duos - not solos mode, so if you're trying to turn into the undead, you can only do it with some friends.

It's no surprise some players are turning into zombies, considering the official Call of Duty: Warzone blog has released a new Verdansk containment protocol alert which reads: "A major contagion warning has been issued for the Gora Dam following the movement of hostile forces from the areas southwest. Consider these threats extremely dangerous."

Some playful copy at the end of the blog includes what appears to be a transcribed radio conversation between an operator in the field and Armistice Central Command. The operator calls Verdansk "a fool's errand" and ACC responds to say "critical safety measures are being put into place." Those "critical safety measures" are almost definitely related to the Warzone nuke event that will seemingly usher in Warzone Season 3. A March Warzone leak pointed to a zombie event that will destroy all of Verdansk, and it certainly feels like we're building up to that.

Since the latest Black Ops Cold War Season 3 trailer further connects the game to Warzone, perhaps the Cold War-era Verdansk will replace the existing Verdansk after it's nuked. Stay tuned, as we'll update you accordingly. 

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