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Call of Duty: Ghosts Rorke file locations

Rorke Files 1-8

01: Mission: Ghost Stories
After the scene in space, leave the house and make a right. Run along the sidewalk and on the right there will be an open house on the other side of a car. Run around or over the car and enter the house to find the laptop on the ground.

02: Mission: Brave New World
When you enter the command center with the multiple televisions, TV cameras, and large table in the center of the room, the laptop will be on the table.

03: Mission: No Man’s Land
When you reach the ODIN crash site, enter the small building on the left side and you will be told that there are enemies coming. Inside the building, on the right side, you will find the laptop sitting on the desk there.

04: Mission: Struck Down
When you are in the dark and using the red flares to see, you will come to a set of double doors that you breach. Once you do, look to the left of the entrance inside the clubhouse to see the laptop.

05: Mission: Homecoming
At the start of the mission, when you enter the first building, go to the left of the staircase to find this on a stack of sandbags.

06: Mission: Legends Never Die
When you pass through the water and take down the couple guards with your knife and Rorke’s axe, go up the stairs and then cross the makeshift bridge. Once across, go into the room around the corner where there are some more guards waiting and you can find the laptop on the desk against the wall.

07: Mission: Federation Day
When you zip line across to the other building and descend down, once you enter the building, go to the room on the left and you will find this on the desk there.

08: Mission: Birds of Prey
In the very last room when you reach Rorke, the laptop will be sitting on the desk. While Rorke is talking, grab the laptop before hoping out the window and ending the mission.