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Brett Ratner developing Rush Hour TV show

Brett Ratner is set to bring mismatched buddy-cop actioner Rush Hour to the small screen, with Deadline reporting that a deal has been struck with Warner Bros. to create a new TV series.

It had previously been rumoured that a fourth entry into the movie series could soon be on the cards, but it seems that Ratner has instead devoted his energies to establishing a series order with Warner’s TV arm.

Scrubs and Cougar Town alumnus Bill Lawrence will co-write the new show with Blake McCormick, with the latter also on executive producer duties.

The series will apparently stick closely to the premise established by the original film in which Chris Tucker’s motormouth cop is partnered up with Jackie Chan’s fish out of water policeman.

With the movie series having grossed more than $845 million worldwide, Warner will be hoping that the franchise still has significant appeal to make a success of the new show. If it comes off, don’t rule out that fourth film too quickly…

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